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May 24, 2016

Consumer – New Video Clip By Vladek Zankovsky

(If video is not visible, then watch it here)

Humans, as a result of their development over thousands of years, have come to the conclusion that they can have everything and yet at the same time actually have nothing as a result.

This means that one’s path leads to a dead end. On the other hand, nature creates nothing in vain. If we are on this path, then for one reason or another, it’s necessary. A question arises: why is it necessary? What is the next stage that we are currently facing?

Everything we did until now was only in order to give pleasure to, fulfill, and protect our bodies, our corporeal existence. We tried to make our lives as comfortable, safe, pleasant, and beautiful as possible—above or at least equal to the lives of others. And now human beings come to a state, where this life has no meaning. There has to be a greater meaning.

Nature will drive us to a level where we will be intimately connected to and communicating with each other without words, as though we exist in one body, meaning outside of our own individual bodies. My thoughts are your thoughts; my heart is your heart. So that the desires and the minds of all people unite into a whole: all desires into one desire and all thoughts into one thought.

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