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August 11, 2022

Now You Can Understand and Take Control of the System of Reality

Now You Can Understand and Take Control of the System of Reality

Some People Actually Understand the Entire System of Nature

Kabbalists want to teach you how to do whatever you want using a special program in your “computer.” The system in this computer is nature, but humanity is the only part in this system that actually operates, which is why it sometimes seems as though nature is caged in a box, in a computer, and only we are outside. We are the only ones who can work with this program—receive data, affect that data, and get a response to our actions on the screen.

Kabbalists are the only ones who use and control this program, and they pass on the knowledge about the right approach to nature and how to control it from generation to generation. Their books describe how this world can be managed. This wisdom is called Hochmat ha Nistar (the wisdom of the hidden), because only a worthy person can study it, and for the rest it remains a secret. If a person does not correct his or her attributes as nature demands, he or she cannot understand that wisdom. Even in our present situation, we can begin to learn this wisdom. And even if we use it egoistically for the time being, we will improve our situation and our lives.


A General Law that Pushes Humanity Forward

To make contact with the Creator, a contact that existed between the Creator and the soul before it came down to the corporeal world and clothed itself in a body, a system was made that slowly brings us from the farthest point from the Creator to the nearest point to Him, to complete equivalence of form with Him. This goal is programmed into our system, and the system leads the entire creation to this ultimate goal. The program is the general law, intended to bring everything to perfection—Israel first, and then all other nations, and after them, the animals, the plants, and the entire corporeal world.

The general law acts like the law of gravity in our world: the source, called “perfection,” attracts the entire reality and all the creatures toward it, but it is we Jews who stand directly opposite it. We are the first to be attracted to it, and that is why we feel its intense power as pain. If we do not aspire to the center more than its pull on us, we will feel pain, according to how deep the gap between our desire to approach the center and the intensity of the pulling force is. If the desire to advance is stronger than the pulling force, we will feel complete and content. If we relate correctly to reality, we begin to understand that everything we feel comes from the Creator to force us to connect with Him.


Discovering the Real Purpose of Life

And then a person relates to the reason that makes him or her turn to the Creator as a consequence. We relate to our desires as actions of the Creator and in fact the only desire that originates outside the Creator is the decision to turn to Him. The contact with the Creator and turning to Him become a goal, instead of a means to attain something. The goal, therefore, is the Creator, not ourselves.

That means that I must return to the place from which I came before my soul came down to this world. I must connect with the Creator while in this world. If I want money or rain, it is called Lo Lishma (not for Her name), the degree of still. If, however, I ask of the Creator permission to approach Him, to attain Him, then my goal is not me, but Him, the Creator, as Psalms says: “For in Him (the Creator) doth our heart rejoice” (33:21). This is the real purpose of creation.

Even when a person asks for rainfall, there is still the upper force behind the plea. Although it is not aimed at the real goal, it is still a prayer to the Creator. Whether we like it or not, we are tied to the Creator like the umbilical cord that ties a fetus to its mother.


The Need to Prefer Contact with the Whole of Reality (Nature/the Creator) Over Personal Desires

But a person who prays unconsciously does not prevent future pains, because the Creator sends us those pains so that we will understand that there is a reason for the pain, which cannot be overlooked; without those pains humankind will never attain the purpose of creation. It is crucial to understand that the suffering is purposeful, that hat it comes from the Creator for a certain purpose.

The advancement toward the Creator begins the minute a person prefers contact with the Creator to anything, good or bad, and seemingly neutralizes his or her desire for worldly pleasures, an act known in Kabbalah as Tzimtzum (restriction). Once a person attains the ability to control him- or herself, he or she goes on to acquire the ability to enjoy for the Creator’s sake and not for his or her own, something that goes completely against human nature.

A person who wants to draw near to the Creator does not regard Him as a mere source of pleasure for egoistic pleasure. The person accepts everything that happens in life lovingly. Even the bad sensations are regarded as signs that his or her vessel is not corrected, because that is the reason we feel everything that comes from the Creator as bad. The pains and the bad sensations disappear. At first we feel the pains as bad, but then they are viewed as vital for our spiritual progress.

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“Now You Can Understand and Take Control of the System of Reality” is based on the book, Awakening to Kabbalah: The Guiding Light of Spiritual Fulfillment by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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