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January 28, 2022

The Way to Receive Spiritual Fuel

The Way to Receive Spiritual Fuel

Perceiving the Creator Requires Specific Qualities

There is nothing else in the world except the Light (the Creator) and that which was created by the Light (the person, who remains inside this Light). A person can perceive this Light when there is a correspondence between the qualities of the human being and those of the Creator. If the qualities do not correspond, then the person will be unable to perceive the Light—the Creator.


Building the Vessel of the Soul

At first, we are placed in the conditions of an explicit and complete domain of egoism, known as “our world.” Only by means of our own efforts can we gradually bring up and cultivate within ourselves such a desire and necessity to perceive the Creator (create a vessel for the Light of the Creator) that we will begin to perceive Him.

Our efforts should focus on an attempt to correct ourselves with all the strength we possess until it is obvious that all efforts to attain the desired goal will be futile. Then, it is time to turn to the Creator with a prayer, asking for help in finding redemption from egoism and in uniting with Him.

This process can take months, and even years, if we undertake this effort under the guidance of a teacher- Kabbalist; or it can take several lives or reincarnations (Gilgulim), if such efforts are undertaken on our own, by way of suffering.

Only the right efforts in the correct direction will produce the vessel of the soul, within which the Creator will reveal Himself to us. In Kabbalah, the reasons behind our actions are known as “the fathers,” whereas the consequences of actions are known as “the sons” (the correct spiritual acts).


Towards Spiritual Life or Spiritual Death

One is not born because of one’s own will. Spiritually, one is forced to be born (to receive a soul—the Light of the Creator) by the Creator through suffering. But one has the capacity to be born independently by means of the Kabbalah.

One does not live because of one’s own will. If one does not act (live) in accordance with one’s egoistic will, then a true eternal spiritual existence will be the reward, which can actually be called “life.”

One does not die because of one’s will. If one does not want to die (spiritually) or to be in the state of spiritual death (without the soul; without the Light of the Creator) then one should not act in accordance with one’s own will.


Working in 3 Lines of Perception

The work in the middle line of the soul begins with the work in the right/left line: since its use is prohibited (restriction,Ttzimtzum), the Light of Wisdom (Ohr Hochma) shows egoism as bad (Aviyut); one feels that there is no worse act than to work for the sake of the self.

But the person still possesses neither the desire nor the strength to work for the sake of others, that is, to give. Therefore, there is a need for the left/right line, which gives us altruistic desires and strength.


Acquiring Spiritual Energy to Act Altruistically

The spiritual organs of perception, just like our five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch), operate in accordance with a particular set goal. The effect of the Light of Wisdom causes us to realize that there is no personal benefit in using the five senses; that is, there is no point in working for our egoism.

In the absence of the desire to gratify ourselves, which normally induces the five senses to operate, we experience a complete lack of energy to perform any act, leading to lethargy and inaction. At this stage, we have not realized that the goal of our efforts can be the “giving,” that is, our actions can be altruistic.

For this reason, we need the influence of another spiritual quality, known as the “red light,” the left line (“malchut memuteket be Bina“). This second quality is required to convince our desires to agree to work altruistically (qualities of Bina). Once we receive the spiritual energy and the altruistic motion has begun, we begin to act with a combination of the qualities both from the right and the left lines.

As a result, we receive the Light of the Creator into our new desires (the middle line), and thus continue receiving pleasure from the perfection. If we are ready to receive the powers of faith and altruism, then eventually we will be able to receive the highest reason.

Attaining the Worlds BeyondThe Way to Receive Spiritual Fuel” is based on the book, Attaining the Worlds Beyond by Dr. Michael Laitman.


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