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December 6, 2022

How Adhesion to the Creator Is Attained

How Adhesion to the Creator Is Attained

The Pure & Impure Forces of Spirituality

Regardless of the fact that all acts of the Creator are inherently good, there are forces, also originating from the Creator, that appear to operate contrary to His desires. These forces often invoke criticism of His acts and thus are known as “impure.”

At every step, from the first to the final points on our path, there exist two opposing forces. Both were created by the Creator. These are pure and impure. The impure force deliberately invokes in us mistrust and pushes us away from the Creator. But if, ignoring this impure force, we nevertheless strain ourselves in our plea to the Creator to help us, then we strengthen our bond with Him and instead receive a pure force. This elevates us to a higher spiritual level, and at that moment the impure force stops affecting us, since it has already performed its role.


The 4 Levels of Impure Forces

– The impure force of the world Assiya (step 1)

This force aspires to instill events through the denial of the existence of the Creator.

– The impure force of the world Yetzira (step 2)

This force aspires to convince us that the world is governed not through reward and punishment, but by means of arbitrariness.

– The impure force of the world Beria (step 3)

This force aspires to neutralize our perception of the Creator’s love for us, which in turn invokes our love for the Creator.

– The impure force of the world Atzilut (step 4)

This force aspires to prove to us that the Creator does not always act in accordance with absolute love towards all His creations, thus attempting to prevent our feelings of absolute love towards the Creator.


Overcoming the Creator’s Impure Forces

Thus, it becomes clear that our elevation to each consecutive spiritual level, the Revelation of the Creator and the attainment of pleasure from getting closer to Him, requires our overcoming the corresponding opposite forces. These arise in the forms of thought and desire. Only when they are overcome can we ascend to the next level and take another step forward on our path.

From the above, we can conclude that the range of spiritual forces and senses of the four worlds, Assiya- Yetzira- Beria-Atzilut, has a corresponding range of opposite and parallel forces and senses from the four impure worlds of Assiya-Yetzira-Beria-Atzilut. Movement forward is an alternating process.

Only after overcoming all the impure forces and obstacles sent to us by the Creator, and then asking the Creator to reveal Himself, thus endowing us with the strength needed to withstand the power of impure forces, thoughts and desires, can we reach the pure stage.


Reason Aids a Person in Acquiring Spiritual Desires

From birth, each of us is found in a state where the Creator is absolutely concealed from us. In order to begin the advance on the described spiritual path it is necessary to:

1. Perceive our present state as unbearable.

2. Feel, at least to some extent, that the Creator exists.

3. Feel that we depend only on the Creator.

4. Recognize that only the Creator can help us.

By revealing Himself, the Creator can immediately alter our desires and form within us an intelligence with a new essence. The appearance of these strong desires immediately awakens within us the powers to fulfill them.

The only thing that defines our essence is the combination and collection of our desires.

Our reason exists solely to aid us in attaining these desires. In truth, reason serves as nothing more than an assisting tool.


The Path That Leads to the Creator

We advance along our path in stages, moving forward step by step, alternately being influenced by the impure (left) egoistic force and by the pure (right) altruistic one. By overcoming the forces of the left with the help of the Creator, we will acquire the characteristics of the right.

The path, then, is like two rails: the left and the right, like two forces repelling from and attracting to the Creator, similar to two desires: egoism and altruism. The farther we move away from our starting point, the stronger the opposing forces become.

By becoming more like the Creator in both desires and love, we will move forward, since the love of the Creator is the only divine feeling towards us, from which emerge all other feelings. The Creator desires to do only good for us, to bring us to the ideal state, which can only be a state resembling that of the Creator.

This is the state of immortality, filled with limitless pleasure from feeling infinite love of the Creator, Who emits a similar feeling. Since attaining this state is the purpose of creation, all other desires are considered to be impure.

Attaining the Worlds BeyondHow Adhesion to the Creator Is Attained” is based on the book, Attaining the Worlds Beyond by Dr. Michael Laitman.


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