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March 31, 2023

Archive for October 14, 2007

Kabbalah’s popularity, controversy are no secret – an Article in the Chicago Tribune

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CHICAGO TRIBUNE (October 12, 2007): In advance of Rav Laitman’s upcoming lecture at the Oakton Community College in Skokie, near Chicago, entitled “The Kabbalah Experience: The Relevance of Authentic Kabbalah in Our Lives,” journalist Deborah Horan wrote an article briefly tracing differing views on the disclosure of Kabbalah in our times.
Read the Article in the Chicago Tribune

If there is one thing that becomes obvious from Rav Laitman’s recent contact with U.S. journalists, there is a lot of confusion between the Kabbalah that Rav Laitman teaches and other claims to Kabbalah which first need to be differentiated. Terms which have stuck to the word “Kabbalah” over the years, like “Jewish mysticism,” “religion,” and “Judaism,” are picked up on and explained in a response to the Chicago Tribune article by a Bnei Baruch student.
Read the Article’s Response in Suite101

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