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April 25, 2024

Archive for November 15, 2012

Kabbalah On The Current Israel Gaza Conflict | FULL SPECIAL BROADCAST FROM ISRAEL | Nov. 15, 2012

A panel discussion including Dr. Michael Laitman discussing the current Israel Gaza conflict. It focuses on the need for the people of Israel to use the current Israel Gaza conflict as a means to wake up to their role in the world. The special broadcast from Israel includes live talks with people in Israel close to the Ashdod rocket attack that killed 3 people.

The discussion touches on the below topics and more:

  • Who are the people of Israel?
  • What is the land of Israel?
  • What are the roots of the people of Israel?
  • What does it mean that Israel are responsible for each other?
  • How should we live where we won’t feel these distances between each other?
  • Why is it only at times of war and disaster that we offer to open our doors and our hearts to one another? Why don’t we open our doors, our hearts, to each other everyday?


What Is Kabbalah’s Solution To The Israel Gaza Conflict?

Dr. Michael Laitman discusses the current Israel Gaza conflict from the perspective of Kabbalah, in a Nov. 15, 2012 special broadcast from Israel.


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