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July 26, 2014

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Here Is a Method that Is Helping People Attain Spirituality

Here Is a Method Helping People Attain Spirituality

Can Kabbalah Give Me Spirituality?

Because of our ability to absorb various pictures and impressions of the world around us, we can describe what we feel in this lifetime and create books from our experiences. But Kabbalah books describe what a person who experiences both the physical world and the upper, spiritual world at the same time feels, something that others do not perceive.

Such is the uniqueness of the books of Kabbalah. They describe things an ordinary person cannot feel, though they are attainable. A Kabbalist is not just a person who feels the upper world, but someone who can describe emotions in a clear language so that anyone can understand them. Thus, by studying these books, we will be able to nurture the missing senses inside us, the ones with which we will be able to feel the upper world to the point where we can see our past and future lives. After all, “there is no time in spirituality.” Through Kabbalah, we can all attain the sensation of the eternal upper world and live willingly in both worlds at once.


Why are the Books of Kabbalah Special?

There is a special force in books of Kabbalah: any person who studies them under the right guidance can attain the spiritual degree of the author. That is why it is crucial that we know which books to study. There are many books of Kabbalah, written in various styles and forms and written by Kabbalists at various degrees of attainment. We now know which of the books are the ones that help us enter the spiritual world and which of them direct us like a guidebook intended for a person lost in a foreign country.


Get Rid of Your Past Conception of What Spirituality Is

There are several ways to describe the spiritual worlds. The spiritual world and our own world are parallel. Everything in the spiritual world comes down to ours. All the events orig- inate in the upper world. They descend from it to ours and clothe the suitable objects of this world very accurately.

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Take 3 Minutes to Start Developing Your Sixth Sense

Take 3 Minutes to Start Developing Your Sixth Sense

Ever Wonder What Is the Point of Life?

Out of all known creatures, the human being is the most complete. Yet it is the human who asks the eternal question, repeated in every generation: “What is the purpose of creation?”

Scientists have been trying to find the reason for our existence for centuries, and yet they have failed to find the answer. The question grows more and more acute with each passing generation, because the pains of the world only increase in time, and the struggle for survival continues. Hence, it is quite possible that the answer is not within our reach, and science simply cannot provide it.


Who Else Wants to Know What They Are Living For?

But the question is not just “Why do things exist?” but also “What am I living for?” The evolutionary processes of nature and living organisms astonish us with their inconceivable contradictions. For example, young animals mature in a matter of weeks or months, while humans need many years to grow. Only at the end of the process do you see that humans are the masters of creation; however, during the transitional phases, humans are much weaker than any other animal. If we did not know the final outcome, we would reach the opposite conclusion—that it is the young animal who will become the master of creation and the human who will lead a bitter life and die. It follows that we understand neither the meaning of our existence, nor the reason behind the evolutionary process.

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Now You Can Unlock the Sixth Sense and Realize Your Full Potential

Now You Can Unlock the Sixth Sense and Realize Your Full Potential

Why Your Continued Development Depends Upon Attaining Reality Itself 

Unlike any other science, Kabbalah reveals to us the Upper World. This is why it is most often referred to as a “wisdom” instead of a “science.” The empiric, scientific approach of the wisdom of Kabbalah is based on the same research principles that apply to other fields of research. Kabbalah, too, regards the observer as the researcher and studies reality as it is sensed by a human being, from a subjective perspective. The uniqueness of the wisdom of Kabbalah compared to any other fields of human study is that the subject of its research is the higher part of reality.

The wisdom of Kabbalah enables one to attain the roots of reality, not just another segment of the whole, but reality at its highest levels, before we ever reached it. Attaining the roots of reality grants researchers control over events before they clothe in our world, and the ability to interfere and change them, to lead and guide them using their unique approach.


The Secret of the Elusive Sixth Sense

If we determine our desire in such a way that the entire reality will appear to us in the direction of bestowal upon the Creator, if we want to live in a reality where the five senses are devoted to a single aim, to delight the Creator, then in that state we will determine our attitude to reality in the realm and at the level of the “sixth sense.” This means holding an altruistic attitude to reality, which yields an entirely different characteristic to the reality perceived through the five senses. We will no longer attain a mere speck of reality, but its very root, ascending to the control room, the headquarters of reality.

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At Last, an Introduction to the Secret Laws of Nature and What They Mean to Your Life!

At Last, an Introduction to the Secret Laws of Nature and What They Mean to Your Life!

Why Some Laws of Nature are Apparent and Others are Not

We live in a world we know only partially. There are many rules in Nature, some of which we discover easily because they are evident from our own existence. The law of gravity, for instance, is evident because when we try to fly without the proper instruments we fall right back to Earth.

Some laws apply only to Earth and some also apply to space. Some of these rules are perceived through our senses and our bodies, but there are other laws, such as the laws of radiation, whose action we cannot feel. We can only see the phenomena they produce. We cannot perceive, hear, or see waves, but we do recognize their effects.

There are other rules whose effects we do not know. At times we feel certain phenomena, but we cannot clearly identify their origins. Either way, our experiences demonstrate that if we knew all the rules that affect the world, we might be happy and successful.


How Society Is Organized according to Nature’s Laws

Some rules we learn from experience, some rules of behavior children pick up from their parents, their friends, the environment, and the general society. The rules we learn by education are not innately known to us. It is not clear that this is how they actually exist in the world, but our educators persuade us in various ways that it is so, and that this is a path worth treading. If children could see for themselves that something was wrong, they would not do it.

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What Does Kabbalah Have to Say about Free Will?

What Does Kabbalah Have to Say about Free Will?

How to Find the Point of Free Choice in Life

We believe that we have many possible futures to choose from. But choosing means seeing the future, so what is this choice based on? How does one know which future is best? If we could see the result of choosing one option and the result of choosing another option, we would know which was better. But in truth, there are no options to choose from whatsoever.

A certain Reshimo awakens within a certain will to receive, meaning within a certain person situated in a certain environment. Subsequently, that person realizes the Reshimo, accumulating further impressions from life’s events.

If we realized that we are only marionettes, and that at the same time we can change our future, we would then be at a point of choice. In other words, we could then choose an environment that would influence us positively and assist in our spiritual development. Such an environment would help us realize that Reshimo in the same direction and the same preexisting ladder, but we would do it willingly, instead of under pressure.


What a Positive Social Environment Can Do for a Person’s Development

In any given state, the Reshimo in the awakened will to receive, and the environment are all predetermined. Even if one had an urge to realize the Reshimo, this urge would stem from within; and even if one used the environment to accelerate the unfolding of the Reshimo, it would only shorten the predetermined unfolding period.

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