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May 21, 2024

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New Book Out Now – The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism

Rarely do Kabbalists see their dreams come true. Even more rarely do they see the fulfillment of the dreams of their great teachers. But today is such a festive day: With great joy, I want to share with you that my just released book, The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, brings to light everything my teachers had taught me.

The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, by Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

They taught me that the fate of the Jewish people depends on their unity, that when they unite, they succeed, and when they hate each other, the world hates them.

Now, at last, packaged into one book, is an enormous collection of evidence from the entire history of the Jewish people that this is what actually transpires. It is a proof that the predictions of our sages are correct!

With the help of dozens of friends and students, a vast amount of resources has been collected, which points to the fact that, as one famous author put it, “The Jews are foiled by their own disunity.”

Indeed, The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism is like no other book you have ever read about Jews, about history, or about anti-Semitism. By the end of the book, you will know the reason for the oldest hatred, how it can be dissolved, and how Jews and non-Jews alike will benefit as a result.

I am grateful to the friends and students who have helped in seeing this project through. I am sure it will enlighten anyone who reads it just as it enlightened me while working on it.

In addition, as part of the release, we have printed the first 50 copies in Israel, and I have personally signed each one of them. Here is a link to this limited edition initial set: bit.ly/TheJewishChoiceLimitedEdition50Copies



What Does It Mean to Discover the Zohar

Start Digging for Your Treasure

Discovering The Zohar means discovering your inner world and your unlimited potential.

Start digging inside yourself and look for the qualities that The Zohar names, as though you’re in the dark with nothing but a candle. Just as a child gradually begins to perceive his environment, so this new inner world will gradually begin to form within you. I must delve into myself and there discover which inner quality each word alludes to. This is how The Zohar changes us when we search for what is written inside of us. After all, a person is a small world.

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The 6 Steps of Spiritual Correction

The 6 Steps of Spiritual Correction

Step 1: Beginning the Process of Self-Correction

On the spiritual path first we need to achieve the correction of the creation, that is the congruence of our personal qualities with the qualities of the Creator, and only then can we begin to achieve the goal of creation, to receive from the Creator unlimited pleasure, unbounded by the limits of egoism.

Before the correction, we possess only the desire for selfish gratification. As we progress in correcting ourselves, we start to favor the desire to give everything away over the desire to receive pleasure for ourselves.

However, at this stage we are still incapable of receiving pleasure from the Creator.

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Want to Know What the Goal of Humanity Is?

Want to Know What the Goal of Humanity Is

Ride on the Creator’s Roller Coaster

On the spiritual path we are going through multiple ascents and descents. Just as He draws us closer to Himself, so He Himself places obstacles on the path to Him, so that we would learn to understand our own nature and be able to react to our every thought and desire during our attempts to break free from them.

Undoubtedly, such states can happen only among those who strive to attain Divine qualities, and to “break through” into the spiritual world—to such individuals the Creator sends various obstacles, which are felt as thoughts and desires of the body that push them away from spirituality.

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Psst! Your Thoughts and Desires Come from the Creator

Psst_Your Thoughts and Desires Come from the Creator

Everything We Experience Comes from the Creator

In order to attain the goal of creation, we need to feel a “hunger,” without which we cannot taste the whole depth of the pleasures that are sent by the Creator, and without which we cannot bring gratification to the Almighty. Therefore, it is crucial to correct egoism. This would permit us to experience pleasure for the sake of the Creator.

In times of fear, we must understand the reason for which the Creator sends us these feelings. There is no force or power that rules in the world except the Creator; no enemies, or dark forces. However, it is the Creator Himself who forms in us a sensation like this, in order for us to wonder why we felt it so suddenly.

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