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June 15, 2024

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Your Future Language Will Need No Words

Your Future Language Will Need No Words

The higher force doesn’t listen to words, but only responds to what is in our heart.

Mutual bestowal doesn’t require a language or any form of communication. Why do we need words if we are one body? Does my hand talk to my leg? The information simply flows between them. This is also how we will convey information to each other. A language is created only because of the lack of a real inner connection between us. This is why we need words. The better the inner connection between us, the less we need words. There will be one language once again at the end of correction. It will be the language of bestowal. We will not speak, we will feel.

Kabbalah Revealed

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How to Develop New Type of Public Relations


Today’s type of public relations needs new people who feel life in the property of bestowal upon others & not in reception from others.

Dr. Michael Laitman: We don’t know what bestowal is because our nature is a desire to receive. But with the help of particular activities, it’s possible to awaken the desire to bestow within us, which is found in us but hidden. For this, I must connect with the group and follow the advice of the Kabbalists, meaning, people who have already gone along this way successfully.

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Integration in Technology, Communication Systems and Babylon

From Today’s Daily Lesson

StudentStudent: If I understood the previous paragraph correctly, does it mean that the higher spiritual level we are in, the more technology will decline?

<a href="http://www.kabbalah.info/engkab/bnei-baruch#about-rav-michael-laitman-2c-phdhttp://www.kabbalah.info/engkab/bnei-baruch#about-rav-michael-laitman-2c-phd">Rav Michael Laitman, PhD</a>‘ /><strong><u>Rav Laitman</u>:</strong> Of course. What do we need technology for? If I understand you without a phone, cell-phone or any other communication line, then what do I need technology for? </p>
<p>If I feel others, instinctively, naturally and internally, then why would I need thousands of TV channels? To constantly look at what they’re saying? If it’s all in me, then why do I need it?</p>
<p>If I understand the phenomena that can be in a person, and they are inside of me, then why would I need comedies, dramas, histories, novels and whatnot? It’s all inside me. </p>
<p>I don’t become thick inside. I begin to contain everyone and everything in a way that I’m happy. I’m not limited, but on the contrary, the fact that we want to connect to each other in this way, with this great distortion—look at what’s happening, especially in how the media attracts attention for the reason that they don’t want connection between us.</p>
<p>“Communication lines” is only a name we give them. But what communication is it? They want to profit on peoples’ connections. It’s important for them. In other words, it doesn’t matter what they provide us with and what kind of connection they create among us. They go on and on about what is happening in their services, and you go in there… and it’s only so that you go in there. Just look at the lies they’re using. These are not communication lines. The name is incorrect. </p>
<p>In other words, we need to understand that everything which has taken place since the Babylonian separation—when everyone lost their ability to understand and feel others, when the confusion in the languages occurred, when one didn’t understand the other—everything since then has only been to complement that flaw. </p>
<p>We see that it’s not working, and today it’s finally appearing in the clearest way. Leaders don’t understand the people, they don’t understand themselves, children, grown-ups, or anything. We don’t even want this communication anymore. We see that it has reached its lowest point. </p>
<p>So in the beginning, we wanted to, as it was in Babylon… What happened there? Abraham said that we have to complement ourselves, so we went deeper into nature, the ego separated us, and we have to go deeper into nature, be more giving, more connected to each other, and then we will be one system again, in harmony. The rest of the Babylonians said “No. We will go, each according to his ego. We’ll be able to connect to each other; we’ll be fine. We’ll provide for each other, and no one will have any deficiencies.” We see today how no one can give himself anything; no one can connect to others; no one feels that he has any need to connect to anyone, and if he does have it, he doesn’t know how to do it. We are in the worst possible state. </p>
<p>It thus turns out that our crisis is the same Babylonian crisis, in ancient Babylon, in the Tower of Babel, and now we understand that it’s because we didn’t take on the right complementation. Instead of spiritual complementation, we wanted to complement ourselves corporeally—technologically—and we failed.</p>
<p>Rav Michael Laitman, PhD in the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article <a href="http://www.kabbalah.info/engkab/articles/exhile_and_redemption.htm">Exile and Redemption</a>: <a href="http://files.kab.co.il/video/eng_t_rav_bs-galut-ve-geula_2007-06-20_shiur_bb.wmv" onClick="javascript:urchinTracker(Rav Michael Laitman wmv video | mp3 audio (55 min)

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