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June 15, 2024

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Build a Love Triangle That Will Heal Your Marriage


It is said: “A husband and a wife, and the Divine presence between them”. If a husband and a wife start cultivating a relationship of absolute giving, this connection is born, this triple union is formed between them.

Instead of our merely tolerating each other, we join together as one whole! This is called: “A man and a wife and Divinity between them.” We begin to relate to each other through the Creator since we are not alone: He always is between us. That’s why I perceive my wife through the prism of the Creator, that is, I see both the Creator and her. Accordingly, she sees the Creator and me. If we don’t take into account the third factor we won’t be able to build a triangle, nor will we be able to live together.

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Kabbalah on Love, Marriage and Family

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD, Michael Sanilevich & Yevgeniy Litvar

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD discusses love, marriage and family in a talk with the principle instructors of the Russian Kabbalah Academy, Michael Sanilevich and Yevgeniy Litvar.

Read the Full Talk “On Love and Marriage”>>

Topics covered in this talk:
* What is love?
* About jealousy
* Love means giving yourself to others
* How can one learn to love?
* Condition of love
* Who invented marriage?
* What is the purpose of a family?
* Who dominates in a family?
* About biblical commandments

Read the Full Talk “On Love and Marriage”

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