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February 28, 2024

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More South Floridians finding answers to life’s meaning in Kabbalah – an Article & Video in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel


This article presents more conflicting views on the popularization of Kabbalah: the view of the person who takes up the study of Kabbalah due to searching for answers to life’s most fundamental questions, and how Kabbalah fulfills this person’s questions; and the view of those who believe that Kabbalah requires a rigorous preparation through religion before it can be approached correctly.

Bnei Baruch’s view is that authentic Kabbalah has no connection to religion. Authentic Kabbalah is a science founded thousands of years before the world’s first religion appeared, designed for answering the question “What is the meaning of life?” Since it is designed to answer this question, it is also for anybody who sincerely asks this question, regardless of religion, race, nationality or lifestyle.
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The Kabbalah Experience: The Definitive Q&A Guide to Authentic Kabbalah

For many questions with answers by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD precisely on this topic, see the 3rd chapter, entitled “The Study of Kabbalah,” in the free eBook The Kabbalah Experience: The Definitive Q&A Guide to Authentic Kabbalah.
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As far as traditional Kabbalists are concerned, string’s not the thing – an Article in The Telegraph

The Telegraph

THE TELEGRAPH (October 26, 2007): This month, the popularization of Kabbalah has definitely seen a significant turn from the faddish to the authentic. Journalist Jill Moon contributed to this month’s press demystification of Kabbalah with her article “As far as traditional Kabbalists are concerned, string’s not the thing.”

Rather than scratching around the surface of conflicts in opinion between different brandings of “Kabbalah,” Moon took an investigative dive into Bnei Baruch’s teaching of Kabbalah, searching for how Bnei Baruch defines authentic Kabbalah, its purpose and its fundamental concepts.

“The goal of Kabbalah is to change the ‘will to receive’ into the ‘intention to bestow,’ or to become more like the ‘creator,’ that wants everyone to be fulfilled,” Moon quoted Bnei Baruch senior instructor Michael R. Kellogg, who teaches live, interactive Kabbalah introductory courses for free at the Education Center.

“The literal definition of Kabbalah is the revelation of ‘his Godliness’ to his creatures. In other words, it means that here, in this world as we exist, we are in complete and total concealment of any upper power of God … Kabbalah is the revelation of this thing called ‘God,’ meaning not revelation of belief, but of actually sensing the force called ‘God,’” Kellogg continued.

Moon went on to quote Kellogg discussing the work between intention and egoism in Kabbalah, and how Kabbalah explains our evolution in terms of evolving egoistic desires. Moreover, Kellogg fit in the very popularization of Kabbalah within this explanation, in that “all other desires have been fulfilled, and now the desire for spirituality is coming out. Egoism had to grow to a point that society is ready for Kabbalah.”

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What is Kabbalah? Don’t ask Madonna – an Article in the Chicago Daily Herald

Chicago Daily Herald Logo

CHICAGO DAILY HERALD (October 12, 2007): In advance of Rav Michael Laitman’s Oakton Community College Skokie campus lecture “From Chaos to Harmony: Kabbalah as the Solution to the Global Crisis,” Journalist Jamie Sotonoff of the Chicago Daily Herald focused on a key disclaimer Rav Laitman has been questioned about repeatedly throughout his United States tour, that the Kabbalah Rav Laitman teaches is completely different and unrelated to the Kabbalah that Madonna is associated with.

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New Kabbalah.info Website Delivers the Power and Wisdom of Kabbalah to the World

Screenshot of www.Kabbalah.info

Expanded and revised Kabbalah.info website delivers comprehensive information and tools to meet worldwide demand

Tel Aviv, Israel October 5, 2007 – www.Kabbalah.info, the world’s largest online source for free Kabbalah content, has updated and expanded its site to meet the growing worldwide interest in the wisdom and study of Kabbalah. The new site offers quick and easy access to a wealth of information and resources for learning the science of Kabbalah.

“There has been rapidly growing interest in Kabbalah. For this reason, we have renewed www.kabbalah.info taking first-time visitor needs into specific consideration,” reports Kabbalah.info spokesperson Tony Kosinec.

In the past twelve months alone, www.kabbalah.info has attracted 2.5 million visitors – three times more than the preceding twelve months. Kosinec expects this boom to continue rising: “Whether it’s through pop celebrities or quantum physicists, people are hearing about Kabbalah from all kinds of directions, and this media-influenced curiosity is bringing them to our site. Our aim with this new site is to serve this curiosity, providing initial explanations of what Kabbalah is and isn’t, letting people know who it’s for and why it’s studied, and to do this in an entertaining, quick and easy-to-understand way.”

The site offers all of its materials and services free, using the latest Flash technology, video clips and list-style articles to present its message to first-timers. Two minutes on the home page already gives the visitor “3 Things You Should Know About Kabbalah” – an introductory Flash presentation explaining (1) What is Kabbalah? (2) What is not Kabbalah? and (3) What is the goal of Kabbalah?

Visitors can get this information elaborated in the “What is Kabbalah?” environment, or go directly to a guided introductory course (either with a live instructor or recorded lessons). There are options to download free eBooks and audio books, participate in live daily lessons, listen to Kabbalistic music, browse an extensive library of authentic Kabbalah texts, watch video clips and films, and even ask questions and get answers live, daily, with internationally renowned Kabbalist Rav Michael Laitman, PhD – the principle teacher and founder of Kabbalah.info.

“In the end, this site is for everybody because today, Kabbalah is for everybody. Kabbalists throughout history have pointed to our era as the one where the secrets of Kabbalah would become disclosed to humanity. While there is definitely growing interest in Kabbalah, there is still a lot of confusion as to what it actually is and what it can do for people. Our new site has been developed to eliminate this confusion. It makes clear the essence and purpose of Kabbalah, so that after a short time on the site people can see what authentic Kabbalah entails, and decide whether it’s a path they want to take or not,” says Kosinec.

Kabbalah.info was founded by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD, Israel-based kabbalist, professor in ontology and the theory of knowledge, and author of over thirty books on Kabbalah. Rav Laitman will be touring the United States and Canada during October 9 – 24, 2007, publicly lecturing on authentic Kabbalah. Click here for location, date and time information.

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International Authority on Authentic Kabbalah Brings Ancient Wisdom and Insights to Nine US Cities and Nationwide

Forbes Logo

Is Kabbalah a religion? Spiritual practice? Science? – What is a Kabbalah Spiritual Boot Camp? – Who studies Kabbalah and how is it compatible with Christianity and other world religions? – Celebrities including Madonna and Demi Moore ignite interest in Kabbalah; learn how their practices differ from authentic Kabbalah teaching. – Find the answer to life’s deepest question “What is life about?” – Where is Kabbalah practiced? Find out about Kabbalah’s dramatic growth and how many people practice Kabbalah in the U.S. and around the world. Worldwide, some 1.3 million people study and practice authentic Kabbalah through the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, and from October 9-28, the world’s leading authority on authentic Kabbalah will be traveling on a nine city tour of the US, speaking to audiences on this ancient science. Rav Michael Laitman, Ph.D., the founder and president of the Institute, will be available for interviews and can discuss the Kabbalist position on a host of current issues including terrorism, the Iraq War, the difference between celebrity and pop culture practices of Kabbalah and authentic Kabbalah, global warming, etc. At the conclusion of his US trip, he will travel to Monterrey, Mexico, where he will attend the World Wisdom Council and present at the 2007 Monterrey Forum. more…

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