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April 25, 2024

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Can We Attain Spirituality in This Lifetime?

Dr. Michael Laitman discusses the Kabbalistic concept of spiritual attainment during one’s life in this world.

World Kabbalah Convention 2018 in North America, Early Bird Discount


Q&A with Tony Kosinec

Recording of the KabU Live Q&A with Tony Kosinec that took place on Sunday, March 11.

World Kabbalah Convention 2018 in North America, Early Bird Discount


Miss the Q&A Celebration? Here’s Your Recording…

Miss the Q&A Celebration_Here’s Your Recording
Wow, what a Q&A Celebration! 🙂

So many great questions from so many great people from so many different places around the world!

We understand that not all of you could make it, and many also asked during the event for a recording of the event, so here it is…

Just go to:


…and the video recording is waiting for you right there.

And that’s that.

So what’s next?

If you live in or around New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando or Toronto, then we’d love to see you at our upcoming Kabbalah Campus course that we’ll be opening soon. We’ll be holding a free introductory lecture in the coming days. Just go to:


…and follow the info to attend the free introductory lecture.

There’s simply no better way to experience this wisdom than through lessons where we can gather physically together.

If you don’t live in any of those cities, then don’t despair! In the coming couple of months, we’ll also be starting a new live online course, where we’ll do our best to pass on the experience that you can get physically through the Internet. So stay tuned for updates about that.

We hope you had a great time at the Q&A Celebration, that you got your questions answered, and that you’ll have a great 2016.

We also are happy to open our doors to you, so that you’ll take advantage of all the Kabbalah content and structured learning experiences that we do our best to make available.

Thank you once again!

Your friend at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah
Education & Research Institute


Here’s Your Final Reminder for Tonight’s Q&A Celebration

Heres Your Final Reminder for Tonights QA Celebration

Don’t Forget  byrmdemsick Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Boom! It’s finally here, the Q&A Celebration is on tonight.

Here’s your final reminder with access info:


Tuesday, 5 January, 2016
9:00 PM EST (U.S.) Start


Live video Q&A event where you ask questions,
get answers & win prizes


See you soon!

Your friend at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah
Education & Research Institute

P.S. Use this moment to think of any friends or family who you think would also benefit from this experience. Just forward them this email and open the opportunity to them too.


Tomorrow, It’s On! The Q&A Celebration

Tomorrow_ It’s On_The Q&A Celebration

I hope you’re getting excited about the Q&A Celebration tomorrow night, because I sure am!

It’s always a great pleasure being able to share this limitless wisdom with such great people from around the world who share life’s deepest questions.

Your questions are proof that there are a lot of people around the world, right now, looking beyond all the past paradigms, feeling that there is something peculiarly different about living in today’s world than any other time.

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