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June 15, 2024

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Larry King Interviews Dr. Michael Laitman [Full Interview]

Larry King interviews Dr. Michael Laitman on Kabbalah, anti-Semitism, belief in God, hope in the face of multiple wars and conflicts, and what happens when we die.

Larry King’s questions in the interview:

00:17 – What is Kabbalah?
00:35 – Is Kabbalah part of Jewish theology?
02:09 – What does the word “Kabbalah” mean?
02:27 – Would many Jewish leaders deny Kabbalah? Why?
03:45 – Are you worried that anti-Semitism is getting worse?
06:30 – Do you remain optimistic?
06:51 – Do you believe in God?
07:11 – Do you pray?
07:35 – Is the Jews’ responsibility toward the world a curse?
08:15 – When you see all the wars going on, people killing people, what makes you hopeful?
10:15 – Kabbalah is not faith. It’s science.
11:35 – What happens to us when we die?
12:13 – Do you fear death?
13:05 – What is the message Kabbalah is delivering?

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What Does Kabbalah Say about Wikileaks? | Ask the Kabbalist with Dr. Michael Laitman

Ask the Kabbalist, Episode 22, with Dr. Michael Laitman

Questions asked in this episode of Ask the Kabbalist:

– What is Kabbalah’s view on Wikileaks?

– What did Dr. Laitman talk about with UNESCO?

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Who Are The Role Models We Need Today?

The role models we need today are those who understand the system of connections between ourselves and nature. Why specifically these? Dr. Michael Laitman explains in this interview.

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The Economic Crisis And The Need For A New Education | Dr. Michael Laitman Interview Series

Dr. Michael Laitman’s interview with Michael Khazin, owner of the Internet’s most popular discussion board on the world crisis, on the economic crisis and the need for a new kind of education.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

M. Laitman: Don’t you think that the solution to this [economic] problem lies not only in building a different kind of economic relationship, but in the sphere of education? Unless we establish our economic relationships on a moral basis (one must correctly interact with others regardless of loan interest or police), then all our efforts will fail.

M. Khazin: There is no doubt about it! In the absence of moral standards it will be impossible to build a new model. It must be invented.

M. Laitman: Why should we invent it?

M. Khazin: Because today’s model destroys moral standards.

M. Laitman: Yes, but why should we invent it!? We can take it from nature. Look how our biological body is built at the animate level (not at the human level). The human level is supposedly higher than the animate one. At the animate level, each cell of our body is egoistical, but all cells unite for the sake of the body, each of them neutralizing its egoism for the sake of the whole body’s life. Thus, different bodily organs exist in harmony with one another. None of them receives more than is necessary for its existence and the sustenance of the body. We see that nature can exist in no other way. Life exists based only on this principle. So if we want human society to exist normally, such relations between people must be established.

Education – The Means For Positive Global Change
Dr. Michael Laitman Interview Series With Michael Khazin

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Don Miguel Ruiz Interview With Dr. Michael Laitman On Personal, Social And Global Change

Listen to this interview using the Flash player below:

Don Miguel Ruiz, guide, Shaman, master of the Toltec Tradition, and author of The Four Agreements talks about personal, social and global change with Dr. Michael Laitman.

Here’s an extract from the conversation:

Don Miguel Ruiz: When I say, “Please, help me change the world,” I am talking to the people of the world because it is time to let go of all those lies, to stop believing in all the superstition, and to stop being fanatics. It is time for us to become what we really are because we have the right to live our life with happiness, with joy. We are not here to suffer; we are here to enjoy life. Then, if we really want to change our world, we will do it for the best, according to ourselves, the best way we can do it.

Michael Laitman: We have to change our main quality, which is a desire to receive, our egos, that constantly forces us to absorb, to receive, and to use our environment and the world. The still, the animate, the vegetative, other people – we constantly want to receive from them, and to fulfill ourselves.

If some people come to sense the universe, the general force of the universe – which is the power of love and giving – then out of feeling it, they become like the general force that they feel. Then they extend themselves and start truly, from the bottom of their hearts, from what appears in them, they start to give and to give, and to love, and they start telling others about it.

Don Miguel Ruiz & Dr. Michael Laitman Interview MP3 Listen To The Full Interview (MP3 Download) »
Don Miguel Ruiz & Dr. Michael Laitman Interview PDF Read The Full Interview (PDF Download) »

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