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April 25, 2024

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Judith Regan And Michael Laitman On Changing The Use Of Media To Incite Positive Global Change

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We continue the preparations for the upcoming Q&A Celebration by releasing more great unreleased interviews between Dr. Michael Laitman and people in different field of recognition.

Today’s interview is with Judith Regan, publisher and radio show host, who talks with Dr. Michael Laitman about the media’s influence over people’s lives. The interview’s available for listening (MP3) and for reading (PDF). Here’s a small taste of it…

Judith Regan: What do you think the media should do?

Michael Laitman: I think that everything depends on the media. The media is the people’s educational tool. If we could introduce to the media the importance that here we can build a new generation, which has to be integral, global, all interconnected, and considerate of each other because the conclusive system of nature which is now closing us in forces us to do so. If the media understood that, and would take that role on itself, we would resolve the problem.

Judith Regan: Is there anything in the media that you think is positive? Are there any television shows, movies, books, or magazines that you think illustrate the sort of message that you think is important to change the culture?

Michael Laitman: I think that all types of media can be good, on condition that they have a message that explains to people that if they are inconsiderate towards others, and they’re inconsiderate towards you in return, by that we are destroying our lives. We truly are facing the next crisis. It’s going to come like plague after plague, consecutively. scientists, psychologists, and ecologists, everyone is saying this is so.

Changing The Use Of Media To Incite Positive Global Change
Dr. Michael Laitman Interview Series With Judith Regan

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Judith Regan is an editor, producer, book publisher and television and radio talk show host. She is the mother of a son and a daughter and lives in New York City and Los Angeles.

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