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July 21, 2024

Fear – Types Of Fear

In “Types of Fear” Dr. Michael Laitman explains the source of a child’s fear of the dark, how to treat a child’s fear of the dark so that the child overcomes it, the ages children start feeling the fear of failure, the ages children start feeling the fear of not being accepted or not being the best among friends, recommendations for how to treat children’s social fears, and how to use reward and punishment in such situations.

Download The Conversation Download The Full Conversation – “Fear – Types Of Fear” (PDF)

Here’s an extract from the conversation:

Adva Bar-Yehuda: This time I would like to start with a topic that interests many parents, a child’s fear of the dark. A child enters a room and says, “I am afraid” and wants his mommy. How did he learn to be afraid of the dark?

Michael Laitman: Aren’t you afraid?

Adva Bar-Yehuda: Not like my son.

Michael Laitman: There’s no such thing, everyone is afraid of the dark, it depends on the type of darkness. As we discussed on the previous program, fear is the actual foundation of our traits. It is a trait that we shouldn’t eliminate, but rise above it. Fear evolves from fear of this world to fear of the next world, fear that relates to Divinity, that we are not realizing ourselves. So fear of the dark is the most fundamental of all fears, the very first one.

Eli Vinokur: Why is it the most basic fear of all? What is it about the dark that makes it so?

Michael Laitman: Darkness is creation itself.

Eli Vinokur: Creation is darkness?

Michael Laitman: Creation is darkness, yes, “Forming Light and creating darkness.” What is creation? Beria (creation) comes from the word Bar (outside), meaning outside of the Creator, and this is what we are afraid of. Meaning, subconsciously, we are afraid of being outside, like a child is afraid of being far from his mother. So fear of the dark is actually fear of spiritual darkness, a lack of the Light, the absence of the Creator, my origin. And I can complement it only by developing the feeling, awareness, understanding, and His revelation from within the darkness.

We should understand that the fear of darkness is essential, necessary, and we should not wipe it out because if we did, we would not want to emerge from it and advance toward the Light.

Download The Conversation Download The Full Conversation – “Fear – Types Of Fear” (PDF)


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