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July 21, 2024

Do Your Good Or Bad Deeds Mean Anything?

From Today’s Daily Lesson:

Question: Is there any meaning to my actions in life, whether or not I’m good or bad to people, or otherwise?

Answer by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD: In our world, you need to act like everyone, with that same nice look on your face and no more than that. All the corrections you want to perform, that you can do for the world, for yourself and for the Creator, it doesn’t matter how you aim them, they can be only by way of the Light that reforms. That Light acts on what is corrupted, and the only thing that is corrupted is the soul. The Light that corrects the soul arranges all parts in such a way that you act differently, even in corporeality, because you still don’t know what it means to act correctly in corporeality.

If you had seen Kabbalists, you would identify nothing special in them. You see people who run to hospitals, who help out, who cry “save the animals,” “save the trees, the green, the water”… people who care about humanity, ecology, about everything. They seem like they’re the most corrected people of all, right? They setup all kinds of parades and demonstrations. So are they all Kabbalists? You wouldn’t see any Kabbalists among them. None. Nor would you see a Kabbalist in anyone who sits on mountain peaks, meditating or doing special prayers…

You can only perform a correction in what is broken. What is broken is your soul, only that and nothing else. That’s what you should worry about correcting – it is incorporated with all the other souls. By including your corrected soul among all the other souls, you correct everything. You have no other possibility of bringing anything good to everyone, and through that, bringing the world to correction.

All our actions with our arms, legs, mouth, what we do in this world, will not benefit everyone. We can already see that throughout history, only corruption has come from that approach, not correction. You can pray from morning to evening, and do all kinds of deeds, it doesn’t matter what, but all that won’t bring about correction. Correction only comes through the Light that reforms.

The whole of creation is “I created the evil inclination,” and the whole correction is “I created the Torah, a spice.” What is “the Torah, a spice”? It is “the Light that comes will reform.” Who does that Light come to? It comes to whoever feels oneself as being within the evil inclination. That’s all, it’s very simple. In the meantime, you feel yourself as being righteous…

Taken from today’s daily lesson, on Baal HaSulam’s article “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot” (at 20:00).

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