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July 21, 2024

MUSIC: One Man

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Bnei Baruch ARI Online St. Louis Retreat, Oct. 2007

Inspired by the worldwide gathering of friends at the recent Bnei Baruch ARI Online retreat that took place in St. Louis, Missouri, Seth Breitman prepared this new song “One Man” together with two friends, Haim Cotton (NY) and Dima Graziani (Toronto) to celebrate the unity and bonding beyond all barriers that one achieves through studying Kabbalah.

“When I heard that 150 of us from around the world were going to meet for a weekend in the States, I needed to compose a song. Any gathering of friends stirs a feeling of unity. What made our retreat unique was that the thought that each of us carried in our lessons, at the meals, and at the bonfire, was the thought that our friends should be completely fulfilled. When each one relates to the others as an integral part of one unified organism, each has what he needs and has no worry, for he is supported by those that surround him.” –Seth

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