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July 20, 2024

See How Easily You Can Apply Kabbalah’s Principles to Your Life

Free Kabbalah Course

The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center is happy to announce the start of the new EC Fundamentals semester with a brand new curriculum starting on Wednesday, June 11.

Whether you wish to share the wisdom of Kabbalah with friends or family, or you wish to get deeper into Kabbalah’s fundamental principles, the upcoming semester will have something for everyone as EC Instructors cover the following new modules and topics in this introductory course:

Module 1: Kabbalah Basics
1) How Changing the Way You Define ‘Kabbalah,’ ‘Creator’ and ‘Creation’ Changes the Way You Look at Your Whole Life
2) Who Are You? Where Did You Come From? Where Are You Headed?
3) History of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

Module 2: What Is Reality?
4) Do You Live in a Reality or in a Dream?
5) Why Your Intention Is the Only Place Where Reality Transforms

Module 3: The Language of Kabbalah
6) What Is the Law of Root and Branch? What Does it Mean to Attain Spirituality?
7) The Unique Learning Approach in Kabbalah: Learning Through Desire, Not Intellect
8) What are the Optimal Kabbalistic Sources for Our Generation to Progress Spiritually in the Fastest and Happiest Way?

Module 4: Free Choice
How You Are Completely Controlled in Every Aspect of Your Life and Why You Still Think You Can Achieve Freedom
10) How to Build Your Own Social Environmental Influence that Lets You Discover Your Freedom

Module 5: Introduction to the SefirotPartzufim, Worlds and Souls
11) What are the Four Phases of Direct Light?
12) What Is the Soul? What Is the Meaning of the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge & How Is Where You Are Today Related to It?

Module 6: Kabbalah in Society
13) Overview of Lessons Until Now and Q&A
14) What Is Love? Can You Love the Creator Without Loving Other People?
15) What Is Good and Evil?

Module 7: The Inner Work of Attaining Spirituality
16) How to Discover the Single Force of Love Acting in Every Life Situation
17) The Secret Formula for Attaining the Deepest Form of Independence: Independence from What You Currently Think You Are

Module 8: Methodology of the Study of Kabbalah
18) Fundamentals of the Methodology Part 1: How to Work with the Means of Spiritual Attainment in Order to Attain the Spiritual Goal
19) Fundamentals of the Methodology Part 2: How to Work with the Means of Spiritual Attainment in Order to Attain the Spiritual Goal
20) The Benefits of Learning Kabbalah You Should Start Seeing Even Before You’ve Attained its Goal

The course is free of charge and all students gain access to the following: 

  • 20 lessons that will transform your life in 10 weeks (2 classes per week)
  • Live interaction with instructors during lessons where students can ask questions.
  • Free, optional access to a web-based community where students can post questions that will be answered by instructors and moderators.
  • Free PDF versions of all course materials
  • A lesson archive where all lessons are posted if you miss a live class or wish to review.
  • Student discounts on special book packages at the Kabbalah Bookstore

Most importantly, this course and the whole of the wisdom of Kabbalah is there for anyone who has asked the question “What is the meaning of life?” and been unable to find an answer. We look forward to exploring this wisdom with anyone who is still asking this question. Just sign up for the course, and we’ll look forward to seeing you on June 11.

Sign Up for the Free Kabbalah Course Here »


Get Ready for Class: FAQ’s on Kabbalah

Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions & answers as well as additional free resources to satisfy your hunger of knowing about Kabbalah:


What Does The Word ‘Kabbalah’ Mean?
The word Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew word “lekabbel,” which means “to receive.” Kabbalah teaches us how to receive pleasure from the Creator & by doing so correctly, receive infinite joy and fulfillment

Is Kabbalah A Religion?
No. Kabbalah is a science – the physics of the overall reality. Kabbalah has no relation to religion or to Judaism. It is the method of the soul’s correction and does not entail any obligations, restrictions, observance of religious rituals, and so on.

Who Can Study Kabbalah?
Anyone who wants to. Kabbalah reaches out to all those who seek awareness. In the past Kabbalists established a limitation on the study of Kabbalah to prevent people from studying before they were ready. Today, there are no limitations on the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Who Is Bnei Baruch?
Bnei Baruch was established in 1991 by Dr. Michael Laitman. It is a diverse movement of thousands of students worldwide. Each student chooses his or her own path and intensity, according to one’s personal conditions and abilities.

Why Are the Education Center Courses and Materials Free?
It’s written that one may not receive any money or material reward in return for teaching Kabbalah. Since Bnei Baruch teaches & spreads Kabbalah solely as a means for humanity’s spiritual advancement, then we make all our lessons, books and courses available for free online.

Still have unanswered questions? Check out the free resources below for more information:

Download the Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman

PDF Download as PDF
Word Download as Word
Purchase Purchase Your Own Copy

If you think someone else would be interested in taking this free course with you, it’s not too late to send them a link to our sign up page

Free Kabbalah Course at the Bnei Baruch Learning Center


Get Ready for Class: What Kabbalah Is and Isn’t

In preparation for the Spring 2010 Education Center semester we are holding a “Get Ready for Class” series on a variety of topics that will be covered in greater depth at the free course.

If you want to know more and register click here to visit the course registration page

What is Kabbalah?


Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) gives this answer:
“If you listen with your heart to one famous question, I am sure that all your doubts as to whether you should study Kabbalah will vanish without a trace. This question is a bitter and a fair one, asked by all born on earth: ’What is the meaning of my life?”

Many people are confused about the origin of Kabbalah and what it represents so here are a few points about what Kabbalah is & isn’t:

  • Kabbalah is a practical study through which we undergo internal changes, unique to each individual.
  • Kabbalah is a science and unlike what you’ve heard, red string, holy water & tarot cards have nothing to do with Kabbalah.
  • Actually Kabbalah doesn’t speak about our corporeal world at all, it only deals with the way we are created and how we function at higher levels of existence.

Watch the video below to find out more about what Kabbalah is and isn’t:


If you think someone else would be interested in taking this free course with you, it’s not too late to send them a link to our sign up page

Free Kabbalah Course at the Bnei Baruch Learning Center


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