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July 20, 2024

Humanity’s Next State is Rising Above Ourselves for the Sake of Our Common Unity [Kabbalah Quote]


Humanity’s next state is rising above ourselves

for the sake of our common unity.

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What Will Humanity’s Future Look Like?

What Will Humanity's Future Look Like?

In humanity’s future, we will produce no more than we will need in order to exist. Existence depends on the importance of spirituality in relation to corporeality. If a person is wholeheartedly devoted to spirituality, then what kind of corporeality does he need? A bit of sport, food, sleep, family, all kinds of necessities for one’s existence, as well as some special things, e.g. suits and/or dresses, for one’s presentation toward others. Everything other than necessities will feel like a stress to deal with.

Today, we produce an abundance of unnecessary commodities, and are in constant routine consumption. In the future, however, we will buy less, not because we will not have the money, but because of inner reasons: We will not want to buy all kinds of commodities since we will realize that they contain no fulfillment and provide no meaning to our lives.

Thus, humanity will reach a state where the spiritual desire, which needs to awaken on a mass scale, will start neutralizing the corporeal desire. We will see this replacement of desires taking place in the near future. We will see how we will stop feeling a need for all the consumer goods outside of our necessities.

What Will Humanity’s Future Look Like?” is based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson of May 4, 2014, “Unity of the People.” You can watch and/or download this lesson in video and audio formats from the Kabbalah Media Archive.

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