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July 20, 2024

Kabbalah Introductory Lecture on Second Life

Second Life - Kabbalah Introductory Lecture Preview
Kabbalah Introductory Lecture on Second Life

Today, Sunday March 30 at 6:00PM PDT

Second Life users are invited to the ARI Online Kabbalah Education Center’s first Kabbalah introductory lecture being held today, Sunday March 30 at 6:00PM PDT, on Second Life.

About the Kabbalah Introductory Lecture on Second Life
Authentic Kabbalah provides a response to escalating global issues by demonstrating how we all interconnected at a higher reality. The goal of this introductory lecture is to begin recognizing this parallel reality to ours in order to restore harmony on our planet. By teaching us how to reach wholeness, completeness and balance with nature, the method of Kabbalah enables us to discover our role in creation, and what can be done to lead the world to stability and peace. Further classes will also provide insights about where the world is heading, and how we can help avoid future crises.

The Second Life lecture and its further series of classes at the ARI Online Kabbalah Education Center will address the many misconceptions about Kabbalah while shedding light on current affairs: The escalating global crisis: natural disasters, terrorism, collapse of health and education systems, collapse of the economy; Freedom of choice — where we have it and where we don’t; Reality — how we can expand our perception of the reality we live in and learn to design it.

Register Now for Today’s Kabbalah Introductory Lecture at Second Life
To reserve a seat in the Second Life Kabbalah classroom write to slkabbalah@gmail.com.
(This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

What Is Second Life?
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