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July 20, 2024

Moby Interview With Michael Laitman

Listen to this interview using the Flash player below:

Moby, musician, singer-songwriter and DJ, talks with Dr. Michael Laitman about human interactions and music.

Here’s an extract from the conversation:

Moby: Music often times is the embodiment of spirit, because you can’t touch spirit. And it drives us, as humans, crazy because we like things we can touch. I like being able to say “chair” and “shoe” and “fake apple.” There’s comfort in identifying and labeling, but the universe cannot be identified; the universe cannot be labeled.

Michael Laitman: You’re right in that music, of all human engagements, of all that we build and create in our world, music is the most spiritual. It is the most sublime. It’s something really existing not even in sounds because there are no sounds. There’s a kind of special harmony to it that exists in nature beyond the sounds. When we perceive a little bit of that harmony and clothe it in notes and kind of drink a tiny sip of it, it’s truly beyond and above any corporeal expression, beyond frequencies.

Kabbalah explains where these forces come from, how I perceive them, why I understand them the way I do, why through all kinds of means and pretty limited means I create those sounds that I hear; not in my ear. But before we can visualize music within us, there is a kind of program, a harmony that is depicted in our brain regardless of our hearing, regardless of notes, of sounds. And we process it down to notes, down to certain sounds, in a certain order that is bounded by time and movement, and we turn it into music. But before that, it’s something that exists on a degree that is above us.

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The Music of Baal HaSulam – Live Recordings

The Music of Baal HaSulam - Live Recordings

Baal HaSulam (Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag) wrote songs and composed melodies as expressions of his spiritual attainments. His music comes to us directly from the spiritual worlds, and has a deep emotional connection with the rises and falls a Kabbalist experiences in his coming into contact with spirituality.

The following are recordings of live performances of Baal HaSulam’s melodies by the band, Bnei Baruch.

1. Bnei Heichala

2. Chasal Seder Pesach

3. Kaddish

4. Kel Mistater

5. Ki Hilatzta Nafshi

6. LeHagid Ba Boker Hasdecha

7. Misod Hachamim

8. Mizmor le David

9. Nigun

10. Tzadik ke Tamar Ifrach

11. Waltz *

12. Ya’ale Tachnuneinu

* “Waltz” melody written by Rav Admor of Pursov (Baal HaSulam’s teacher)

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MUSIC: Rap Version of a Kabbalistic Melody

Listen to a Kabbalistic rap version of Baal HaSulam’s “March” by clicking on the Flash player’s button below:

A melody by Baal HaSulam

Kabbalistic Rap Version of Baal HaSulam’s “March”

To download this song, and listen to more such songs, visit the Music Inspired by Kabbalah section of Kabbalah.info.

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MUSIC: Bnei Heichala

Listen to the metal-ambient version performed by the band “Bnei Baruch” by clicking on the Flash player’s button below:

Bnei Heichala
a song by Baal HaSulam
Bnei Heichala

* Download the metal-ambient version performed by the band “Bnei Baruch”
* Download the 1st instrumental version
* Download the 2nd instrumental version
* Download the Rabash vocal version
* Download the live version performed by the Bnei Baruch small ensemble
* Download the midi version

Bnei Heichala means “the sons of King’s Palace,” those desiring to reach the Palace of the King. The King’s Palace is Bina—the property of bestowal, the force of the Creator, the spiritual. The sons are those who yearn to resemble the King in their properties, to become like Him. The word for “Son” (Ben) derives from the word for “understands” (Havana). They yearn to understand the King, and though their understanding, come closer to Him and feel Him.

Hence, Bnei Heichala are the souls aspiring to attain the state of uniting the King in His Palace, and to do so, they are ready to pass the entire system of corrections, change themselves from the beginning until the end—from the nature in which they were created to the nature of the King, as it is written: “Returned the sons of Israel to the height of their God.” This is what this song is about.

* FILM: Melodies of the Upper Worlds – Part 1 – features melodies of the 20th century’s greatest Kabbalist, Baal HaSulam, with explanations of how these melodies relate to the inner, personal quest for discovering the Upper Worlds—the source of our existence.

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Love Songs – a Bond of Love & Unity Shared through Kabbalistic Song

Singing the Worlds Beyond

When a Kabbalist experiences the Upper World, he or she enters another realm of reality. Past, present, and future merge into a single stream of life, and the Kabbalist experiences all the souls united in the eternal love of the Single Force that operates and governs life.

But most of all, a Kabbalist discovers that being in the spiritual reality is possible only through the bond of love between the Kabbalist and all other souls. It is for this love that Kabbalists try so diligently to share their spiritual experiences with us. Their sole wish is that we, too, will discover and feel the kind of life offered when we bond with the Creator of reality. In their songs, they call this “being filled with the Upper Light.” more…

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* Music Inspired by Kabbalah – music inspired by Kabbalah materials on this site by students of Bnei Baruch
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