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July 20, 2024

You Can Regain Health through Connection


One who is connected with others constantly becomes healthier by being connected to the system of mutual connection with others.

We must understand that the connection between us is the only thing that needs to be corrected. Every illness in a body arises only from the lack of the right connection. There is nothing to correct in a person himself, but he must install an anti-egoistic Screen and the Returning Light on his desire in order to properly connect with the other parts. The only reason for weakness and disorder is the lack of the proper connection between the parts of the whole, starting from the larger parts down to microscopic molecules.

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Use Your Egoism for Infinite Pleasure

Use Your Egoism for Infinite Pleasure

Selfish desire + pleasure = fleeting pleasure. Desire to fulfill others + pleasure = unlimited pleasure.

Once we expand our capacity to receive, we will feel life and existence based upon a new condition–we want to use our lives as a means to help us pass pleasure on to others, to bestow, to love, and to come out of ourselves–and the pleasure ahead is billions of times greater. Even now you are filled with Infinite Light. But you neutralize this Light with your egoism, because when the Light of Infinity reaches a desire, it immediately turns off, as though it short-circuits between two opposite ends that have no resistance between them. You have to use your own egoism as that resistance, and then you will feel the pleasure.


Zoom-Out on Egoism to Zoom-In on World Peace


Interdependence + self concern = crisis. Interdependence + global concern = harmony.

We are in a closed sphere, which affects us all around through the principle of unity. However, our egoism is opposed to this; on the contrary, it divides us, literally tears us apart. The world is integral; we are not. So, we need to change. Today, whether we like it or not, it is already impossible to play protectionism. A good connection is not a nice slogan, but an urgent necessity, stemming from all the studies, the facts.


Listen to Nature’s Prescription for the Perfect Life


Nature operates by a law of bestowal & love. To discover a perfect life for everyone, we need only let Nature influence us the way it wants.

The Creator’s commandments are the laws of nature—both the laws of nature of our world that we partly see, understand, and know about, and the laws of the upper nature that is concealed from us—which are based on the attributes of love and bestowal, mutual cooperation, and understanding. The system is built so that if we are normally incorporated in it and fulfill our role, taking our niche in nature, all of nature operates harmoniously, thus filling each of us with harmony.


Your Spiritual Correction Self-Test


The law in the love of friends is to want to see the friends’ merits and not their faults. If one sees some fault in one’s friend, it is a sign that the fault is not in his friend, but in his own love of friends.

If we want to see the world as a perfect place, we have to perpetually change ourselves and correct our egoism to be adequate for a new perception of the world. It’s called “loving one’s friends”. Look at what great possibilities for work that the group (friends) and the environment give us. It’s totally enough if we perpetually test ourselves by asking, “What do I think about them? How do I support my friends? How do I connect with them? Are we together or not really?”

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