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July 20, 2024

1 Lesson Down, 19 Lessons to Go – The Fall 2014 Free Kabbalah Course Has Taken Off

1 Lesson Down, 19 Lessons to Go - The Fall 2014 Free Kabbalah Course Has Launched

The first lesson in the new Fall 2014 Fundamentals semester of the Free Kabbalah Course begun tonight with the introductory lesson titled: How Changing the Way You Define ‘Kabbalah,’ ‘Creator’ and ‘Creation’ Changes the Way You Look at Your Whole Life.

100s of people joined in live from all around the world to become acquainted with the 5,000 year old wisdom that is revealing itself to more and more people today.

If you missed out on the lesson, the lesson is now available for free download in the archive. Just make sure you’re signed up at edu.kabbalah.info, and then click on the “Archive” link to find the first lesson available for download in video and audio formats.

Below you’ll find a short excerpt of Q&A from the lesson, and some questions asked by students.

We look forward to seeing you in upcoming lessons and sharing this wondrous wisdom with you!


What Does Kabbalah Say About the Soul – A Q&A Excerpt from the Introductory Lesson

Question: What does Kabbalah say about the soul?

Answer: The soul is a sense for us to feel, understand and act towards the Creator (the quality of bestowal and love) in a loving and bestowing way, in the exact same way He behaves towards me.

We don’t have a soul for the time being. We’ve been told you have a soul and that when you die you will go to “lala” land and revel in flowers and clouds, and so on.

The whole idea of the study is to develop a soul. That is why it is such an amazing wisdom.

Getting a bit deeper into it: Just like the Creator created us from scratch, we have to do the same action in this world: create a soul from scratch. That is the whole idea of the study.

From this point in the heart (i.e. the desire from spirituality), from this little scratch, we have to build a soul. It’s a nice question, we’ll get more into that topic the more we get into this course.

Shot from the Live Video Broadcast of the First Lesson of the Fall 2014 Kabbalah Fundamentals Course

Some More Questions Asked by Participants in the Lesson

If you didn’t get your answer live, then you can feel free to ask it in the Student Forum, where Education Center instructors and moderators are ready to answer you.

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Join 1,000s Tonight in the Live Interactive Kabbalah Introductory Lesson – Just Click the Image to Join In

Free Kabbalah Course


New Curriculum Released for the Free Kabbalah Course Starting Wednesday, June 11 – 20 Lessons That Will Transform Your Life in 10 Weeks

Free Kabbalah Course

With 20 lessons to transform your life in 10 weeks divided into 8 modules, and piloted in the previous EC semester, below is just a small overview of what you can expect in our highly recommended course for anyone who has not yet been through it, to provide you with a whole new perspective of life, and let you discover how to apply yourself in the method that is guiding 1,000s of people around the world to much wider inner horizons.

Module 1: Kabbalah Basics
1) How Changing the Way You Define ‘Kabbalah,’ ‘Creator’ and ‘Creation’ Changes the Way You Look at Your Whole Life
2) Who Are You? Where Did You Come From? Where Are You Headed?
3) History of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

Module 2: What Is Reality?
4) Do You Live in a Reality or in a Dream?
5) Why Your Intention Is the Only Place Where Reality Transforms

Module 3: The Language of Kabbalah
6) What Is the Law of Root and Branch? What Does it Mean to Attain Spirituality?
7) The Unique Learning Approach in Kabbalah: Learning Through Desire, Not Intellect
8) What are the Optimal Kabbalistic Sources for Our Generation to Progress Spiritually in the Fastest and Happiest Way?

Module 4: Free Choice
How You Are Completely Controlled in Every Aspect of Your Life and Why You Still Think You Can Achieve Freedom
10) How to Build Your Own Social Environmental Influence that Lets You Discover Your Freedom

Module 5: Introduction to the SefirotPartzufim, Worlds and Souls
11) What are the Four Phases of Direct Light?
12) What Is the Soul? What Is the Meaning of the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge & How Is Where You Are Today Related to It?

Module 6: Kabbalah in Society
13) Overview of Lessons Until Now and Q&A
14) What Is Love? Can You Love the Creator Without Loving Other People?
15) What Is Good and Evil?

Module 7: The Inner Work of Attaining Spirituality
16) How to Discover the Single Force of Love Acting in Every Life Situation
17) The Secret Formula for Attaining the Deepest Form of Independence: Independence from What You Currently Think You Are

Module 8: Methodology of the Study of Kabbalah
18) Fundamentals of the Methodology Part 1: How to Work with the Means of Spiritual Attainment in Order to Attain the Spiritual Goal
19) Fundamentals of the Methodology Part 2: How to Work with the Means of Spiritual Attainment in Order to Attain the Spiritual Goal
20) The Benefits of Learning Kabbalah You Should Start Seeing Even Before You’ve Attained its Goal

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New Summer 2014 Kabbalah Live Fundamentals Course Start Date Confirmed

Free Kabbalah Course

The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center has announced the start date of the next Kabbalah Live Fundamentals course: Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

Enrollments for the upcoming course opened today at FreeKabbalahCourse.com

By signing up to the course, you will get:

  • Instant access to an immediate self-study video course
  • Instant access to a free copy of the eBook The Secrets of the Eternal Book, which describes the inner, spiritual meaning behind well-known Bible stories such as Noah’s Ark and the flood, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, the Tower of Babel, Abraham, Terah and Nimrod, the 7 days of creation (Genesis), and more
  • An e-mail reminder when the course start date comes closer
  • Access to download the lessons if you can’t make them live, or if you want to review the live lessons
  • Access to an online community with a student forum, where you can ask questions and get them answered by instructors and moderators
  • Opportunity to further advance in your studies with more free courses after the initial free Kabbalah Fundamentals course

Moreover, a new Kabbalah Fundamentals course curriculum is currently being piloted and will be e-mailed to all who sign up closer to the start of the Summer 2014 course. The new curriculum aims to provide a more comprehensive introductory experience into the wisdom and method of Kabbalah.

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Kabbalah Study in a Group and with a Teacher

Kabbalah Study in a Group and with a Teacher

Kabbalah is almost always studied in groups, over the Internet, in local groups, and even some international groups exist. A group study accelerates the spiritual progress of a person who studies alone millions of times over. One who studies alone can only use one’s own Vessel to receive the Light of the Creator, meaning spirituality.

People who study in a group create a kind of spiritual Vessel that consists of all the participants, and everyone begins to enjoy the group’s illumination. Let us assume that there are ten participants. The illumination that is received is not ten times as much as a single individual can receive, but millions of times stronger. The reason is the incorporation, meaning the soul of each and every one of the participants consists of 620 parts, with each part joining the others. The mixture of the parts together creates one collective Vessel.

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