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July 20, 2024

Film In The Global Era

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Filmmaker Joshua Zeman and Dr. Michael Laitman discuss film and storytelling in the global era.

Here’s an extract from the conversation:

Joshua Zeman: I thought What the Bleep Do We Know!? was really an amazing, amazing film for me because here you have film doing something slightly different. It’s not talking about reaching the plane of, for example, the American Dream. There it’s about reaching some kind of both chemical and spiritual happiness, and that would be the dream. I thought that was really important because that’s just not something that you would see put out by mainstream society. Yet, it was completely embraced, and the public is smarter than the mainstream media thinks. It’s just that exchange: art verse commerce.

Michael Laitman: I think there’s a lot of introspection in society these days. People are still searching for a way to escape, but they want to avoid this introspection, and they’re afraid that, perhaps, the end result will not be in the favor of society. In other words, maybe society will discover that it’s not so good, not so successful, not so well-accepted worldwide. So, we have a problem here in terms of telling a story. So I think that films, such as Joshua is making or What the Bleep Do We Know!?… in other words, films from another direction. The public wants to acquire tools by which to approach life and examine it.

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