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July 21, 2024

Sports And Competition

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Michelle LaFountaine, sports broadcaster and anchor on ESPN English News, talks with Dr. Michael Laitman about unfair competition in sports.

Here’s an extract from the conversation:

Michele LaFountaine: [There is] a sense of anger [among my colleagues], I think, at athletes [who use steroids and all other kinds of drugs] because competition should be fair and to have an unfair advantage is cheating, basically. And so, yes, I think all of us would love it that this stops.

Michael Laitman: I think that there is a problem in general. Say, you are stronger than me, another person is taller than me, and another person is quicker than me, we are naturally different. So what are those achievements? Of course, if you were born strong and I was born weak, from the very beginning, you will be more successful in sports and I will not. There is no competition between people here. We have to understand that we cannot compete physically because we are not born the same.

The competition between us has to be in what makes us human, that in each of us there is an ability to be equal to each other, and only there can we compete. And this is only the way we bond above our egos. There is where we can be equal because this is not given to us naturally. Naturally, we are completely selfish and if we rise above our nature, then we can say, “Okay, show us how much of a hero you are. Yes, how much you can be more than others.” But physically, of course, it is natural, I didn’t choose it. “I want to be Schwarzenegger, I want to be this and that.” It’s unfair to begin with. There are 50,000 kids looking at one hero who was born big and strong.

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