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July 21, 2024

More South Floridians finding answers to life’s meaning in Kabbalah – an Article & Video in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel


This article presents more conflicting views on the popularization of Kabbalah: the view of the person who takes up the study of Kabbalah due to searching for answers to life’s most fundamental questions, and how Kabbalah fulfills this person’s questions; and the view of those who believe that Kabbalah requires a rigorous preparation through religion before it can be approached correctly.

Bnei Baruch’s view is that authentic Kabbalah has no connection to religion. Authentic Kabbalah is a science founded thousands of years before the world’s first religion appeared, designed for answering the question “What is the meaning of life?” Since it is designed to answer this question, it is also for anybody who sincerely asks this question, regardless of religion, race, nationality or lifestyle.
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