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July 21, 2024

One of the Most Culturally Diverse Gatherings for Spiritual Growth – The 5th International Kabbalah Congress

2009 International Kabbalah Congress Logo
For five years running, the International Kabbalah Congress hosted by www.kabbalah.info has established itself as one of the world’s most culturally diverse gatherings for spiritual growth.

A three-day celebration of human unity and deeply transforming personal experiences, the 2009 International Kabbalah Congress being held February 2-4 at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds will host 6,000 guests from around the world. For a few brief days, the exhibition hall known as pavilion number 10 will become the warmest and most cordial place in the Middle East, and possibly even the entire world.

Despite the tension between Israel and its neighboring countries, flight costs, and a growing uncertainty about the global financial situation, record numbers will make the annual journey to attend the 2009 congress. Many of the 6,000 participants arriving from over 52 countries will be first-timers attracted by past attendee testimonials of their life-changing experiences, fulfilling workshops, uplifting meals, emotional cultural evenings featuring music and cultural performances from all parts of the world, and timely Kabbalah lessons by the world’s foremost Kabbalist, Rav Michael Laitman PhD, explaining the current crisis and the way out of it. One of the highlights of this year’s festivities is a series of six mini-congresses planned for children ranging in ages from 3 to 18, whose main source of communication until now has been the virtual activities for children taking place on www.kab.tv.

The 2009 International Kabbalah Congress is taking place at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds in Israel hosting all the leading conferences and trade shows in the area. For a few brief days, the exhibition hall known as pavilion number 10 will become the warmest and most cordial place in the Middle East, and possibly even the entire world. Pavilion number 10 will be a place of magnificent diversity, a coming together of people of all ages and from all walks of life including celebrities, performing artists, engineers, road workers, dancers, administrators, students, musicians, stock-investors, teachers, performers, tradesmen, writers, DJs, plumbers, academicians, politicians, and designers, to mention a few.

The International Kabbalah Congress is more than just a three-day spectacle. As congress veteran Mike Kellogg of St. Louis explains, ‘A Kabbalah congress is distinguished by its special preparation and focus. The aim of the event is to discover and nurture the common point of human unity beyond all the differences that separate people, such as language, race, religion, educational achievements and occupational interests.’

The International Kabbalah Congress aims to create a special environment that will allow participants to realize the true potential that lies in the connection between people. The organizers of the congress believe that if people could only invert the self-centered approach that bases human relationships, which is opposed to the global nature of life in the 21st century (thus producing the current financial, environmental, and educational crises), our world could change its course and begin moving towards tranquility, peace and prosperity. In other words, this congress aims to give its participants a taste of the better world we all dream about and the practical tools for taking our first steps toward becoming one big human family.

For many participants, the International Kabbalah Congress will become a deep life-altering experience, where they will be encouraged to shatter the psychological barriers of previous identities and express themselves in new ways. The multi-faceted extravaganza will present the extremes of playfulness and vitality combined with serious inner focus and personal change, leaving a long-lasting impression on participants and the entire world. The result will be a never before seen mini-humanity rising from the shadows of today’s society.

For more information about the 2009 International Kabbalah Congress please see www.kabbalahcongress.org

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