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July 18, 2024

Fears And Anxiety – The Source Of Fear

In “Fears & Anxiety – The Source of Fear,” Dr. Michael Laitman discusses the various types of fears people have, their source, the growing abundance of fears in our era and why they’re necessary, why children are afraid, the kinds of social influence and education required to alleviate children’s fears, and Kabbalah’s advice for how to use fear to draw the greatest benefit for oneself and others.

Download The Conversation Download The Full Conversation – “Fears & Anxiety – The Source Of Fear” (PDF) »

Here’s an extract from the conversation:

Adva Bar-Yehuda: I heard you say that fear develops the person. I admit that I found that very surprising. I searched and did not find it in the literature…

Michael Laitman: The issue is not fear itself but how we relate to it. Envy, hatred, lust, honor, adultery, any type of trait we may have inside, the agreeable ones and the and the not so agreeable ones, and the terrible ones, we can manage them correctly and well, since nothing was created purposelessly or to harm us, but so we would manage it properly.

Therefore, if we can manage something as basic as fear, without destroying anything, but by connecting it to a person correctly, we will suddenly see that just as people are, without changing or diminishing anything, we elevate a person over his fear. He becomes as high as the fear. Then, if he rises above it, he begins to see his fear through the now healthy and confident eyes—why he used to be afraid, for what purpose, where it came from, what it gave him, what it is giving me now that I have risen above it, am I lying to myself or not. See what an expanse he opens for himself, what depth he sees in creation and in himself.

That is why the wisdom of Kabbalah says that there is nothing bad, we just need to know how to use it. Therefore, with all the phobias and all the great problems that surface in our generation, we only need to work correctly.

Download The Conversation Download The Full Conversation – “Fears & Anxiety – The Source Of Fear” (PDF) »


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