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July 20, 2024

What Is The Proper Education For Teenagers?

Dr. Michael Laitman Teaching Kabbalah

Question at the South American Kabbalah Congress: What is the proper education for teenagers who have so many problems, like drugs and depression?

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: As I’ve said, the proper education for teenagers, which is also the proper education for us and the whole world… Why is the wisdom of Kabbalah being revealed today? It is written (in Baal HaSulam’s article “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah“), that the wisdom of Kabbalah is no more and no less than the revelation of the higher force to the creation in this world. In other words, we need to reveal the higher system acting on us, on our world. We need to reveal it so that it is clear to us.

It is hidden. We see and feel only our world, and not the higher system. We don’t know how it operates on us, and how can we give back to it in return, in a way where we’ll receive only good commands and responses from above.

We need to understand the whole loop between the higher system and our world, how we raise MAN above, and how we receive a response from above, which is called MUD. How can we do that? – That’s what we need to know. That’s why the wisdom of Kabbalah has been opened, precisely in our times. And with regard to your question, it’s the same with the education of children, we need to go that same way.

How can we reveal to children the higher system as quickly as possible, how it acts, and not wait for them to turn thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, when there starts to be problems with hormones, sex, boys and girls, drugs, and all kinds of things? Children need to be taught from a much younger age. The wisdom of Kabbalah states that the age of three is necessary to start the education of children, boys and girls alike. What does that mean? It means starting to teach and develop them.

Today’s education is based one hundred and fifty years ago, at the time of the technological revolution that began in Europe. It’s when people started working unlike how they used to work in ancient times, where there was a blacksmith, a shoemaker, a tailor, and some mechanic who made some cart. This time marked the beginnings of the conveyor belt, and working with the conveyor belt required a lot of people. They then brought people from villages, and taught them quickly in order to place them in factories fast. And like it is in factories, they needed to just stand there and understand what they should do… We see this today in China. Have you seen the factories in China? There are ten thousand Chinese people sitting there, each one doing one activity.

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