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October 27, 2016

Spiritual Sight Reveals We Are One – Above Time and Space

Spiritual Sight Reveals We Are One - Above Time and Space

Humanity is interconnected like parts of one integrated system, but human senses do not let people recognize this connection.

We strive to change ourselves and start sensing a new life, a new dimension within our corrected desires. To reach this revelation, we need to correct our desires and obtain spiritual “sight.” After it occurs, his own experience allows him to sense a new reality rather than trust someone else’s words. While we are still alive, we have to elevate to a level of existence that is above death, called “the world to come.”


How to Have One Perfect Body

How to Have One Perfect Body

Humanity is one integrated body.

We all unite into one spiritual body. Such a spiritual body, where all parts are in harmony with each other is called Adam, the first man. If every person corrects his desires and is ready to unite with the same corrected desires of other people, seeking to unite like brothers into one body, one desire, then we all are connected. And then inside this connection we feel the first man, Adam HaRishon, the joint desire assembled from many private desires.


Beresheet (In the Beginning) Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion


Genesis, 1:1 – 6:85 This Week’s Torah Portion | October 23 – October 29, 2016 – 21 Tishrei – 27 Tishrei, 5777

In A Nutshell

Beresheet (In the Beginning) is the first portion in the Torah (Pentateuch). It tells the story of the creation of the world in six days, and the rest on the seventh day. It talks about the creation of the man, his arrival at the Garden of Eden, and the creation of the woman. The portion also narrates the story of the sin of the tree of knowledge, Cain and Abel, the generations from Cain to Lamech, the ten generations from Adam to Noah, the corruption that engulfed their generations, and the renewed hope that emerged with the birth of Noah.

 Commentary by Dr. Michael Laitman

Beresheet contains more stories than any other portion in the Torah. In many ways it is also the deepest of the portions, as it discusses the basis of our being—the creation of the soul.

The common soul was created out of the will to receive delight and pleasure, or simply, “the will to receive.” That will is the soul’s core, and it’s affected by six qualities: HesedGevuraTifferetNetzahHod, and Yesod. These qualities penetrated the substance—the will to receive—and designed it in synchrony with the upper force, the Creator. The reason why man is called Adam is that the word Adam comes from the word Adamah, from the verse, Adameh la Elyon (“I will be like the most high,” Isaiah, 14:14), since he is similar to the Creator, the sublime bestowal, sublime love, to that upper force that gave birth to it.

Adam is the structure of the soul that is equal in form to the Creator and is in Dvekut [adhesion] with Him in the Garden of Eden. A garden means “desire.” The garden is the part of the creature, Adam’s substance—the will to receive. Eden marks the degree of bestowal, degree of Bina. Adam, who is on the degree of Bina, is in the Garden of Eden.

This does not pertain to our world or to the universe we know, but rather to the common soul that the Creator created. From the very beginning, the common soul undergoes a special preparation, the sin, because at its inception it was adhered to the upper force, which means that it had no authority of its own, nothing to its name, or any sense of independent existence. In a sense it is like an embryo in its mother’s womb—on the one hand it exists, on the other hand it is part of its mother, and each of its actions is ruled by its superior.

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Don’t Break Yourself Against Unbreakable Laws

Don’t Break Yourself Against Unbreakable Laws

Humanity’s goal is to discover the single, fundamental force that creates and governs life.

The next stage of our development is being revealed: a single integral humanity. It is imposed on us by the forces of nature. We have evolved to the point where we should begin to converge until we reach the feeling of complete unity as one family, with one heart. To work together with the forces of nature toward this state, we must learn the integral laws of our development. And this is made possible for us through the wisdom of Kabbalah.


Can I Really Know The Creator?

Can I Really Know The Creator

Every day I wake up and my day starts running. The kids need fed, diapers changed, dishes washed, laundry, lunch prepared, and the list goes on. If I do not stay on top of the chores, I know that I will feel overwhelmed, yell at the kids and things will be worse. Sometimes in the middle of this work I ask myself, “What is the point of all this?” or “How can I keep this up?”

The truth is that I can’t keep it up. I end up getting upset, or wearing myself so far down that I get sick. I reach an end. I look at myself and realize I am doing these things for myself. This will end in death.

I need to cry to the Creator, ask Him to teach me how I can really love the people that He has placed in my life. Instead of running around mindlessly, I need to look at my husband and my kids and see they are exactly what the Creator has put in front of me. The Creator is all around me.

By Anne Beck

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