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June 30, 2022

Archive for July 3, 2007

MUSIC: LeHagid ba Boker Hasdecha

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LeHagid ba Boker Hasdecha
a song by Baal HaSulam
LeHagid Ba Boker Hasdecha

In the spiritual there are also states called “day,” “evening,” and “morning,” only that, in the spiritual, all of them happen because man himself creates “day,” “night,” and all of the times; he puts himself through all these states by himself. If he does not take himself through these states, if he does not push himself, does not advance, then time does not pass, for there is no time in the spiritual. There are only actions, cause and effect.

So until one “goes to sleep,” in the spiritual sense, meaning, disconnects from the spiritual reality and puts himself into drowsiness, disconnection from the spiritual – the Creator, the Upper Forces – a question arises: “Due to what will he awaken again?” This is why one performs special corrections whereby he prepares the desire to “rise” inside of himself. If one prepares himself correctly, the Upper Light comes against these desires and awakens him, just as the sun awakens us in the mornings. However, without the Light that comes from above, one will not be able to wake up.

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD, in the film Melodies of the Upper Worlds – Part 1. View it free at Kabbalah TV under “Films.”

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