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December 7, 2023

Archive for November 26, 2007

MUSIC: Bnei Heichala

Listen to the metal-ambient version performed by the band “Bnei Baruch” by clicking on the Flash player’s button below:

Bnei Heichala
a song by Baal HaSulam
Bnei Heichala

* Download the metal-ambient version performed by the band “Bnei Baruch”
* Download the 1st instrumental version
* Download the 2nd instrumental version
* Download the Rabash vocal version
* Download the live version performed by the Bnei Baruch small ensemble
* Download the midi version

Bnei Heichala means “the sons of King’s Palace,” those desiring to reach the Palace of the King. The King’s Palace is Bina—the property of bestowal, the force of the Creator, the spiritual. The sons are those who yearn to resemble the King in their properties, to become like Him. The word for “Son” (Ben) derives from the word for “understands” (Havana). They yearn to understand the King, and though their understanding, come closer to Him and feel Him.

Hence, Bnei Heichala are the souls aspiring to attain the state of uniting the King in His Palace, and to do so, they are ready to pass the entire system of corrections, change themselves from the beginning until the end—from the nature in which they were created to the nature of the King, as it is written: “Returned the sons of Israel to the height of their God.” This is what this song is about.

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