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October 1, 2023

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Racist Hate On the Rise in America

From Racial Rifts to Spiritual Harmony
From Racial Rifts to Spiritual Harmony

Article in Kabbalah Today Issue 15

The SPLC Intelligence Report states that “2007 was another year marked by staggering levels of racist hate in America,” and “The number of hate groups operating in America increased last year to 888, a rise of 48% since 2000.”

If Americans haven’t been able to overcome their racial differences in such an optimal setting for doing so, then what hope do other countries have for resolving this universal evil? Are we doomed to forever continue hating and hurting each other over our inborn qualities, like skin color and ethnic origin?

Moving Beyond Differences and into Harmony
“…the purpose of Creation lies on the shoulders of the whole human race, whether black, white or yellow.”
Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam),
The Arvut” (“Mutual Guarantee”)

Kabbalah explains that hatred of other races stems from our egoistic nature, which automatically dislikes anyone who is different and feels drawn to those who are similar. Our egoistic perception makes us see anyone who’s different from us as alien, separate and disconnected from ourselves.

However, Kabbalists also explain that we are all tightly interconnected and exist as one perfect, harmonious organism. This organism’s perfection and harmony is created precisely thanks to the differences that exist between us! In other words, harmony can only be created when opposites join together. Read the Full Article>>>

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An Age When Children Are Wiser than Adults – An Age of Crisis

A New Generation of Children Knows Much More than Those Who Are 20 Now
A New Generation of Children Knows Much More
than Those Who Are 20 Now

A talk between Rav Michael Laitman, PhD and chief coach
of the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team, Irina Vinner

Our generation is very special. Today, children aren’t just cleverer and more sophisticated than their parents, they possess inner wisdom about life. They don’t want to experience what we have already experienced. They know it all in advance, and have already rejected it. Thus, our generation is the generation of crisis. It’s just the beginning. Very significant changes are waiting for us in the future.

An absolutely different civilization is growing up, one of absolutely different people, in their attitude toward the world, life, themselves and others. Read the Full Talk>>>

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From Egoism to Altruism – the Key to Social Change

Social Change – A Rare Approach

A Kabbalah-Inspired Squidoo Lens

Cells in organisms unite by reciprocal giving for the sake of sustaining the whole body. Each cell in the body receives what it needs for its sustenance, and spends the rest of its energy tending to the rest of the body. At every level of Nature, the individual works to benefit the whole of which it is part, and in that finds its wholeness. Without altruistic activities, a body cannot persist. In fact, life itself cannot persist.

Humanity, too, is actually one whole body. In truth, we have always been individual parts of a single system. The problem is, we human beings are still unaware of it. Nature reveals it in the way that two forces act in sync: there is a connecting force that connects us all as one, and a rejecting force that pushes us away from one another. Thus, when these two forces begin to manifest their orientations more acutely, we begin to discover how dependent we are, and at the same time, we revolt against this dependency because of our growing egos. Read the Full Squidoo Lens on Social Change >>>

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VIDEO: Who Is Driving You?


Is Kabbalah the Cause of A-Rod’s Divorce?

A-Rod’s Divorce and Madonna Have Nothing to Do with Kabbalah

An Article by a Bnei Baruch student

The news has been filled the last few days with stories about the problems baseball player Alex Rodriquez and pop star Madonna are having with their spouses. When Cynthia Rodriquez filed for divorce, she cited A-Rod’s involvement with Kabbalah as a key contributor to the breakdown of their marriage.

The news stories generate more questions than answers, so one can only speculate on what is really happening. A key question that comes to mind is what these two superstars are expecting to find in their pursuit of Kabbalah. Here are two people who have almost everything this world can offer – money, good looks, talent, fame and power – yet they are still searching for something to bring them happiness and fulfillment. Read the Full Article>>>

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