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December 4, 2022

Archive for July 12, 2010

The Q&A Celebration Is Back!

We at the Bnei Baruch Education Center are so excited about the upcoming Kabbalah Fundamentals Summer Course, starting on Wednesday 4 August @ 8:00pm EDT (U.S.)… that we can’t wait to get started!

So the week before the course starts, we’ll be holding a free public preliminary live Q&A session with you to celebrate the upcoming course.

We invite you all to post just one question that’s itching away at you, and get it answered at the live event. Maybe you have a question about Kabbalah itself, or how Kabbalah can help you in a certain situation you’re facing, or how Kabbalah explains all kinds of events occurring in our world, or any variety of concepts, such as whether we have free choice, how we perceive reality, why we feel pain and pleasure, or countless other things…

Kabbalah encourages the asking of questions to progress, so here’s an opportunity to ask your first question and get it answered live!… Just write your name, e-mail, and the question you have in the comment form below, and you’ll get reminder e-mails with a link to the live event where we’ll answer your question.

AND… By sending us your question using the comment form below, you’ll go into the draw to win a number of book & CD giveaways!

We’ll be updating about this event regularly on this blog, and providing new, special preview Q&A material leading up to the event to help you prepare. Here is the first of many of these: a free PDF for you to download, containing an interview between Dr. Michael Laitman and Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.


Ask a question below!

Privacy: Any private information you submit will never be traded, rented or sold.


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