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June 23, 2024

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What Is Unique about Our Time in History According to Kabbalah?

What Is Unique about Our Time in History According to Kabbalah?

In Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag’s (i.e. Baal HaSulam’s) article “Time to Act,” he discusses that precisely our time is special. It is when all souls that existed on our earth over the course of many reincarnations, constantly returning to this life, have now matured or ripened as a result of all of their reincarnations and reached the current state, when they are beginning to desire spirituality.

The desire for spirituality manifests when a person’s entire life, with all its joys, begins to seem completely meaningless and empty. This is how a person with a spiritual desire views himself and his environment. In our era, this is awakening in every person more and more.

Time to Act” explains that today’s condition has been long-awaited, and has finally arrived. Now it is possible to reveal the science of Kabbalah because it explains what is:

  • our very self,
  • the goal of the universe,
  • the way in which everything exists, and
  • the goal toward which everything must aspire.

Nature does not create anything in vain. In principle, nature is the force of the Creator—Elokim—the name of the Creator. The Creator is Elohim (??????) in Hebrew, which is the same as ?aTeva (????) or nature. In Hebrew, these two words are equivalent. That is to say, nature—everything that we perceive around us—is the manifestation of the Creator relative to us.

And so, Baal HaSulam says that the manifestation of the Creator is directed at us so strongly in our time in order to compel us to reveal Him and exist in a completely different volume of the universe, in a completely different perception of our existence—in eternal and perfect movement, perceiving the flow of all matter, information, and energy. According to Baal HaSulam, we have to achieve this in our generation.

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