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September 21, 2020

An Introduction to Pleasing the Creator

An Introduction to Pleasing the Creator

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Revealing the Evil Inclination Bit by Bit

If while studying, we do not see any personal benefit and begin to suffer from this lack of perceived benefit, this is known as “the evil inclination” (Yetzer Ra). The degree of evil is determined by our level of perception of evil, by the extent of our suffering from our lack of attraction to spirituality, unless we perceive in it a personal benefit.

The more we suffer from the unchanging situation, the greater the degree of our perception of evil. If we understand by reason that we are not yet succeeding in spiritual advancement, but this does not cause us pain, it means that we do not yet have an evil inclination (Yetzer Ra), since we are not yet suffering from evil.

If we do not feel evil, we must engage in the study of Kabbalah. But if we perceive evil in ourselves, we need to rid ourselves of it by faith above reason.


Kabbalah as a Means to Correct Evil (Egoism)

The definitions given above require explanations. It is written in the books of Kabbalah: “I created the evil inclination (force, desire) and I also created the Torah as a Tavlin (“spice”) for it (for its correction). Tavlin means spices, additives, supplements that make the food tasty and acceptable for consumption.

We see that the primary creation is the evil, the egoism. Kabbalah is only an addition to it, that is, the means that allows us to taste and to use evil. This is very peculiar, because it is also stated that the commandments are given only for the purpose of purifying the soul with their aid. This implies that once a person is purified, there will no longer be a need for commandments (spiritual acts in order to correct).


Learning to Receive Pleasures for the Creator’s Sake

The true goal of creation is for the Creator to give pleasures to His created beings. For this purpose, the creatures are endowed with the desire to receive pleasure. In order for the creations not to experience feelings of shame when they receive pleasure, which would spoil the pleasure itself, the creations are given the opportunity to correct the feelings of shame.

This can be achieved if the created beings wish to receive nothing for themselves, but wish only to please the Creator. Only then will they not feel shame at receiving pleasure, since they will receive it for the sake of the Creator, rather than for their own gratification.

But what can be given to the Creator that would give Him pleasure? For this, the Creator gave us Kabbalah and the spiritual laws, so that we could observe them “for His sake.” Then He can send us pleasures we can receive, that will not be diminished by feelings of shame and the insinuations of charity.


Receiving Everything from the Creator Without Shame

If we behave according to the spiritual laws, i.e. for the sake of the Creator, we are similar to the Creator in our actions, which are aimed at giving us pleasure. As our desires, acts, and qualities gain greater resemblance to those of the Creator, we and the Creator advance closer to one another. The Creator desires that we should give to Him, as He gives to us, in order for our pleasures not to be overshadowed by shame, and not to be seen as charity.

Attaining the Worlds BeyondAn Introduction to Pleasing the Creator” is based on the book, Attaining the Worlds Beyond  by Dr. Michael Laitman.


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