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February 27, 2017

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Egoism of a Part Leads to the Death of the Whole

Egoism of a Part Leads to the Death of the Whole

The cause of all conflicts is human nature: egoism, the desire to fulfill ourselves at the expense of others.

Human egoism is the only destructive force that exists; hence, the world will not be able to persist unless we change our egoistic approach to society. Egoism of a part leads to the death of the whole. If a cell in a living organism begins to relate egoistically to other cells it becomes cancerous. Such a cell begins to consume surrounding cells, oblivious to them or to the needs of the whole organism, and thus, eventually extinguishes the entire body, including itself. The same applies to human egoism with respect to nature: while developing for itself, detached from the rest of nature and not as an integral part of nature, the egoism leads everything to death, including itself.


Call the Bomb Squad on the Overblown Ego

Call the Bomb Squad on the Overblown Ego

Humanity needs to learn how to balance its overblown egoism with the opposite, positive altruistic force.

Today, globalization shows us that, on the one hand, we are all connected, and on the other hand, our enormously overblown egoism alienates us from each other. In this state we will acknowledge its pettiness, limited nature, and hopelessness, and come to hate our egoistic nature and develop a desire to unite, to transform our nature into the opposite, altruistic nature. Thus we will independently find a way to transform ourselves into altruists and to reconnect with the entire humanity as a single, united whole.


Zoom-Out on Egoism to Zoom-In on World Peace


Interdependence + self concern = crisis. Interdependence + global concern = harmony.

We are in a closed sphere, which affects us all around through the principle of unity. However, our egoism is opposed to this; on the contrary, it divides us, literally tears us apart. The world is integral; we are not. So, we need to change. Today, whether we like it or not, it is already impossible to play protectionism. A good connection is not a nice slogan, but an urgent necessity, stemming from all the studies, the facts.

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The 100% Contagious Virus You Want to Catch

This is how beginner Kabbalists, who haven’t yet attained the greatness of the Creator, infect each other with the feeling of His greatness in order to artificially rise above egoism. While they still don’t have the quality of love for each other, they artificially cultivate love, they “play love,” and then it really emerges because their desire evokes the Light of Correction from above.

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Will Kabbalah Lead to a New Scientific Unified Field Theory? | Ask the Kabbalist

Will Kabbalah Lead to a New Scientific Unified Field Theory? | Ask the Kabbalist

Will Kabbalah Lead to a New Scientific Unified Field Theory? | Ask the Kabbalist

Ask the Kabbalist, Episode 5, with Dr. Michael Laitman.

In this episode, Dr. Michael Laitman answers the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Why do people believe in the government?
  • Will Kabbalah lead to a new scientific unified field theory providing a link between the physical world and the spiritual?

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