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April 25, 2024

Archive for Happiness

The “Butterfly Effect” of Bestowal

The Butterfly Effect of Bestowal

Spirituality is what creates & cares for all aspects of life, which is why it’s called “the quality of bestowal”.
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The “butterfly effect” that operates in an integral system has an optimistic side: a small action on our part for the benefit of society can trigger a lot more goodness on the other side of the globe. This goodness sooner or later will return to us. Nature is stronger than all of our forces and will continue to “beat” us until we join it and fulfill the law of giving. Then, we will pave the safe way to happiness.

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How to Feel Complete and Whole in a Shattered World

How to Feel Complete and Whole in a Shattered World

When we become the same single whole as Nature, we will discover that all of its parts were always connected.

If we unite rather than disconnect, we get closer to the single bestowing upper force that created the entire universe, and the closer we get to it, the more we can enjoy it. Happiness from unity is a revelation of the force that governs all of nature. After all, the whole of nature came from a single point of the Big Bang.


Balance Your Life Once and for All

Balance Your Life Once and for All

Spirituality is what creates and cares for all aspects of life.

The meaning of our world is to enable us to ascend consciously above it to the next spiritual dimension. In the spiritual world a person who attains the meaning of everything that happens and what is beyond him, creates a feeling of wholeness harmony, balance and eternity within him. In spirituality a person begins to attain the meaning of his existence and this attainment fills him with an inexplicable feeling, an indescribable feeling, of attaining harmony, the upper existence, the truth, the real goal.

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Response Ability is Ours!

We lack mutual responsibility.

Loving one’s neighbor as yourself, mutual responsibility, brotherly love, and being as one man with one heart — the solution is hidden here. It’s not merely a way to avoid troubles; a surprising possibility is here — through love for another, the eternal world will be revealed to us.


The Secret That Lets You Live Forever

Start giving. You are not here for long.

The secret is that a person must correct himself, become similar to the upper force of nature—such as giving and loving. I begin to think not about myself but about all the others, and thus become like the upper force, the Light of life. Then I go into it as if into a river and become as eternal and perfect.

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