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January 22, 2017

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The Magic Seed at the End of the Road

The Magic Seed at the End of the Road

Eventually, we will suddenly start feeling like we can no longer continue along the same lines of progress, and we’ll need to find the meaning of life.

Suffering and emptiness lead a person to the question about their meaning, cause, and purpose. Gradually a person starts feeling that he needs to understand the cause of all that’s happening. The point in the heart is your soul’s initial desire and is similar to a seed: when it’s placed in the environment that’s right for its development, it begins to develop into a vessel in which a person begins to sense the Upper Force, the Creator.

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Know the Unified Theory of Everything—It’s Simply Elegant

Know the Unified Theory of Everything—It’s Simply Elegant

Kabbalah is a Grand Unified Theory letting us both understand the full scope of reality and experience its oneness.

Now we perceive the world only through our five senses or by instruments that expand their range of perception a bit, whereas Kabbalists perceive nature in its absolute form, because they develop abilities of exiting themselves, by ascending their egoism. Kabbalah meets all the requirements and the definitions of a science, more than all the other sciences because it explores nature in its real form—not in the narrow framework we receive in some confusion of a range of influences, reflections, refractions of our understandings and feelings, and out of our impact on the environment.


Your Spiritual Key to Crack The Zohar Code

Your Spiritual Key to Crack The Zohar Code

The Zohar can’t be understood & felt directly, but requires preconception of spirituality before one approaches it.

We need to relate to The Zohar as to the Book that contains a certain secret code, a sequence of spiritual instructions. In order to establish connection with these spiritual instructions, I read The Zohar. However, the connection emerges not by my hearing or reading the text; rather, it is built to the measure of my desire to unite with this inner code so that it could transform me.

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What Does It Mean to Discover the Zohar

Start Digging for Your Treasure

Discovering The Zohar means discovering your inner world and your unlimited potential.

Start digging inside yourself and look for the qualities that The Zohar names, as though you’re in the dark with nothing but a candle. Just as a child gradually begins to perceive his environment, so this new inner world will gradually begin to form within you. I must delve into myself and there discover which inner quality each word alludes to. This is how The Zohar changes us when we search for what is written inside of us. After all, a person is a small world.

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Kabbalah Is The Science Of Discovering Nature’s Goal And Plan

Kabbalah Is The Science Of Discovering Nature's Goal And Plan

It is no secret that Kabbalah did not begin with today’s Hollywood trendy hype. It has actually been around for thousands of years. When it first appeared, people were much closer to Nature than they are today. They felt an intimacy with Nature and nurtured their relationship with it.

In those days, they had little reason to be detached from Nature. They weren’t as self-centered and alienated from their natural environment as we are today. Indeed, at that time, humanity was an inseparable part of Nature and nurtured its intimacy with it.

In addition, humankind did not know enough about Nature to feel secure; instead, we were afraid of natural forces, which impelled us to relate to Nature as a force superior to our own.

Being intimate with Nature, on the one hand, and afraid of it, on the other hand, people aspired not only to learn about their surrounding world, but even more important, to determine what or who governed it.

In those early days, people couldn’t hide from Nature’s elements as they do today; they couldn’t avoid its hardships as we do in our “manmade” world. And most important, the fear of Nature, and at the same time, the closeness to it, urged many to search for and discover Nature’s plan for them, and coincidentally, for all of us.

Those pioneers in Nature’s research wanted to know if Nature actually had a goal, and if so, what humanity’s role might be in this Master Plan. Those individuals who received the highest level of knowledge, that of the Master Plan, are known as “Kabbalists.”

A unique individual among those pioneers was Abraham. When he discovered the Master Plan, he not only researched it in depth, but first and foremost taught it to others. He realized that the only guarantee against misery and fear was for people to fully understand Nature’s plan for them. And once he realized this, he spared no effort teaching whoever wished to learn. For this reason, Abraham became the first Kabbalist to start a dynasty of Kabbalah teachers: The most worthy students became the next generation of teachers, who then passed on the knowledge to the next generation of students.

Kabbalists refer to the designer of the Master Plan as “the Creator,” and to the Plan itself as “The Thought of Creation.” In other words, and this is important, when Kabbalists talk about Nature or Nature’s laws, they are talking about the Creator. And vise versa, when they are talking about the Creator, they are talking about Nature or Nature’s laws. These terms are synonymous.

To a Kabbalist, the term, “Creator,” does not signify a supernatural, distinct entity, but the next degree that a human being should reach when pursuing higher knowledge. The Hebrew word for Creator is Boreh, and contains two words: Bo (come) and Re’eh (see). Thus, the word, “Creator,” is a personal invitation to experience the spiritual world.

Kabbalah Revealed: A Guide To A More Peaceful Life

The above text was taken from the book Kabbalah Revealed: A Guide To A More Peaceful Life by Dr. Michael Laitman with foreword by Prof. Ervin Laszlo. Also available as eBook (PDF, Kindle & ePub formats), and for free PDF download.

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