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April 25, 2024

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Why You Need to Study the Secrets of the Ultimate Science

Why You Need to Study the Secrets of the Ultimate Science

Nature is compressing the world into a single living system, where each country has an integral and cooperative role like a cell in an organism.

A Kabbalist is a person who studies nature and discovers its unifying force. This force produces the energy that has constructed the entire Universe. The wisdom of Kabbalah studies this unifying force and its effect on the matter it created and is the most general science. And all the other sciences are included in it.


I Attain the World through Me!

I Attain the World through Me

A Kabbalah lesson is not meant for gaining knowledge. It is a process of self-discovery.

A Kabbalist studies everything on himself! He is his own lab! For a Kabbalist it is a field of discovery, and he immediately begins to understand the world he is observing, he sees it inside himself. We are part of nature that is made of vectors of different forces that cooperate mutually, including our feelings and our thoughts. But it is impossible to study them on the earthly level because these thoughts and feelings are above us! A Kabbalist, through spiritual methodology, rises to the level where the interaction of these forces and the birth of the desire, feelings, and our thoughts, man’s inner world, take place, and it is from this level that he begins to influence them.

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Passing the Light of Attainment Down the Chain of Souls

Passing the Light of Attainment Down the Chain of Souls

Every person has the right to examine whether the place he chooses to study is good for him. However, after a short test, he should make up his mind and enter the study process at the selected place without any further doubts. Otherwise, he won’t be able to reveal the Creator and His world.

There are groups who claim that they study according to their own method. But how can there be a method that was not passed down through the chain of Kabbalists from master to disciple?

It is impossible to receive such a method on one’s own. Only Adam HaRishon received this method “from Heaven,” as it were, and discovered it on “his own.” However, all the others, including Abraham, obtained it through the chain of Kabbalists. At first, Abraham was “an idol worshiper,” meaning that he was engaged in a special spiritual work, only in its reverse form, after which he realized its inadequacy. Twenty generations past Adam HaRishon, Kabbalah was passed on to Abraham.

The method of attainment can be acquired solely through clinging to a teacher. This is the way it expands from Above downward through the chain of souls, from soul to soul. Can you really connect to the root if you are not Adam HaRishon himself? Only Adam HaRishon is tied to the Creator directly. All the other souls must receive from him through the chain of Kabbalists, depending on the soul’s place in it. Everybody receives from the one who stands before him, and is connected by a linked chain with one root.


It is a hierarchic system similar to a tree. I am positioned in it at a specific place and can receive only from the person nearest to me and above me. For this, I need to annul myself before him in the same way a lower Partzuf annuls itself before the Upper One in the spiritual world.

Therefore, when people claim that they receive “Light or enlightenment” from Above or while in sleep, they are not being serious. A spiritual contact can be attained solely by staying close to a Kabbalist while he is alive. If you manage to reach at least one such point of contact, from that point on, you can develop everything else.

However, without this initial point, you won’t have anything from which to advance further: You are cut away from the whole tree, from the entire system of souls. This is why people always ask, “Who was your teacher? Where did you come from?”

For this reason, out of all diplomas, the most precious piece of paper that I possess is a tiny newspaper article where I am named as a loyal student and the right hand of Rabash. It testifies, to the very least, how connected I was with my teacher.

Dr. Michael Laitman, from the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/12/10, “Letter 38


The Unique Role of Kabbalists in the World

The Unique Role of Kabbalists in the World

The Connection in Between Spiritual and Physical Actions

If Kabbalah centers only on the spiritual work that takes place in our minds and hearts, asserting that our spiritual progress depends solely on these factors, then what is the relation between our observance of religious rituals and the goal of creation?

Since all the commandments of the Bible are actually descriptions of a Kabbalist’s spiritual actions when in the higher realms, then by observing them physically in our world—even though it has no impact on the spiritual worlds— we are physically carrying out the Will of the Creator.

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