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April 26, 2017

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Find the Light Billions of Times Greater than All the Pleasures of the World

Find the Light Billions of Times Greater than All the Pleasures of the World

Practically speaking, all of our songs about love, our poetry and all our emotions; all this is our longing for the micro-dose of light that is in our world and that shines on us from various forms of our world. [Tweet This]

The “Big Bang” is the result of a tiny spark of Upper Light that infiltrated our world and caused our whole universe. And it was merely a tiny spark! We need to understand that spiritual revelation is something infinitely stupendous, and we need to prepare our empty desires for it. Even the smallest pleasure which we receive upon ascending to the first spiritual degree out of 125 is billions of times greater than all the pleasures of our world combined. A great inner work awaits us, and yet it is incredibly easy only if we do it together with love. This union determines everything!

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How to Use Love to Reconstruct Your Soul

How to Use Love to Reconstruct Your Soul

When I work in order to bestow, in “love your neighbor as yourself,” I obtain my soul.

“Love thy neighbor” means connecting with your friend into one single integral system. A system of full mutual connection envelops all of humanity in intelligence and thought, in heart and desire. All of us together are a single system; we are connected between us, and we are already beginning to discover our full dependence on each other. It is up to us to help each other enter into the general system as rapidly as possible and to begin to connect it together. Then we will begin to feel not only where the contact and connection with each of the others is, but we will also feel the higher, eternal life that flows through this integral system.

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Creator=Nature=Law Of Bestowal And Love

Law Of Bestowal And Love

The goal of creation is to attain adhesion with Nature’s quality of love and bestowal.

The goal is adhesion to the Creator. Love is the means. The pleasure is in becoming like the Creator. Adhesion is attained through my bestowal to Him and His bestowal to me. In order for us to have a connection with mutual reception and bestowal, we need love for one another.


Build a Love Triangle That Will Heal Your Marriage


It is said: “A husband and a wife, and the Divine presence between them”. If a husband and a wife start cultivating a relationship of absolute giving, this connection is born, this triple union is formed between them.

Instead of our merely tolerating each other, we join together as one whole! This is called: “A man and a wife and Divinity between them.” We begin to relate to each other through the Creator since we are not alone: He always is between us. That’s why I perceive my wife through the prism of the Creator, that is, I see both the Creator and her. Accordingly, she sees the Creator and me. If we don’t take into account the third factor we won’t be able to build a triangle, nor will we be able to live together.


The 100% Contagious Virus You Want to Catch

This is how beginner Kabbalists, who haven’t yet attained the greatness of the Creator, infect each other with the feeling of His greatness in order to artificially rise above egoism. While they still don’t have the quality of love for each other, they artificially cultivate love, they “play love,” and then it really emerges because their desire evokes the Light of Correction from above.

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