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August 14, 2022

Archive for Love

The 100% Contagious Virus You Want to Catch

This is how beginner Kabbalists, who haven’t yet attained the greatness of the Creator, infect each other with the feeling of His greatness in order to artificially rise above egoism. While they still don’t have the quality of love for each other, they artificially cultivate love, they “play love,” and then it really emerges because their desire evokes the Light of Correction from above.

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Response Ability is Ours!

We lack mutual responsibility.

Loving one’s neighbor as yourself, mutual responsibility, brotherly love, and being as one man with one heart — the solution is hidden here. It’s not merely a way to avoid troubles; a surprising possibility is here — through love for another, the eternal world will be revealed to us.


The Secret That Lets You Live Forever

Start giving. You are not here for long.

The secret is that a person must correct himself, become similar to the upper force of nature—such as giving and loving. I begin to think not about myself but about all the others, and thus become like the upper force, the Light of life. Then I go into it as if into a river and become as eternal and perfect.


No Unity, No Future, No Love—Simple as That!

No Unity, No Future, No Love—Simple as That!

Humanity needs to develop awareness of its global unity, and through that awareness, experience universal love.

This simple message should be conveyed to every person: There is no future without unity. We need to fill the air with this message before we slide down to continuous military conflicts because the situation is getting worse all the time. So let’s get started.

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Man, Woman, and the Divine Presence Between Them


Having a spiritual connection means that both partners know the reason for their existence – to embark on the spiritual journey and attain the spiritual goal of life. Then the verse “Man, woman, and the Divine Presence between them” will come true.

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