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May 27, 2022

Archive for We! News

Important WE! Prep Lesson Available

WE! preparation lesson ready for download.

Rav taught the first part of the Daily Lesson for March 21 on the topic of preparation for the WE! Convention. It appears in the archive as Part 1: “Preparation to New Jersey Convention.”

Download here: Video: ENG 41.48MB Audio: ENG 7.39MB


New Kabbalah Book For Children Premiers At WE!

The Baobab that Opened Its Heart available for presale online and pickup at WE! Convention.

Kabbalah teaches that love is nature’s guiding force. This collection of stories written by various authors with a diverse range of styles tells the tale of nature’s unity, connectedness and love. While written specifically for children, the audience for The Baobab that Opened Its Heart is the child within each of us.

Find out more about this new release here. It can be purchased online and picked up at the 2011 World Kabbalah Convention. The Baobab that Opened Its Heart is one of three new books to be made available for the first time at WE!


World Kli Women Write For WE! Attendees

Toronto women organize for WE!

Women of Bnei Baruch’s Toronto group turbo-charge an initiative to benefit WE! attendees.

The International Women’s Organization of Bnei Baruch (BB) is hosting a booth at WE! that will offer a basket filled with bright, lovingly folded slips of paper. Each slip of paper will bear a one-line intention to serve as inspiration for the Convention and beyond. WE! attendees are welcome to dip into the basket as often as desired.

The Toronto-based BB Women’s Group spearheaded organization of an international team to write intentions. While the intentions are being submitted by email, the printing and folding responsibilities are to be picked up by the physical North American groups. Hundreds of intentions will be written and folded into tiny WE! gifts that strengthen human connections and are known to change lives. Participation in the initiative is a first foray of the Bnei Baruch Virtual Society (BBVS) women as a group. BBVS is the most recent virtual group to form, and strengthening the virtual connection will be an important concern of the WE! Convention.  Register for the 2011 World Kabbalah Convention here!


Rav Laitman Recommends Lesson In Prep For WE!

On March 13th, 2011 Rav Laitman taught an afternoon lesson during which he described the principles of “the whole of our work.”  He recommends that everyone including newcomers watch it, and watch it again if you attended the lesson live.

On the archive, the lesson is titled “Virtual Lesson in Russian. Fundamentals of Kabbalah.”

  • Video – http://files.kab.co.il/video/eng_t_rav_2011-03-13_lesson_osnovi-kabbali.wmv
  • Audio – http://files.kab.co.il/audio/eng_t_rav_2011-03-13_lesson_osnovi-kabbali.mp3

    Women Baking In Unity For WE!

    St. Louis women bake in unity for unity

    Women from the St. Louis Kabbalah Study Center gather to bake a WE! cake in parallel with women worldwide.

    The initiative is one of several actions recommended by the International Women’s Committee of Bnei Baruch to promote unity in preparation for the WE! Convention. The women’s groups from the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, St, Louis  and Toronto Kabbalah Centers agreed to bake cakes in their respective cities and take photographs. The pictures will be assembled into a video clip for presentation at the Convention.  Pictured left to right are Riggan Shilstone, Nicci Osunshinnin, Beth Shillington, and Judy Hobart. Register for the 2011 World Kabbalah Convention here!

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