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April 25, 2024

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Children In The Shusterman School Appear In UN Voices Of A New Generation Video

The Shusterman School, currently an extra-curricular activity center operating in after-school hours, based on the wisdom of Kabbalah in Israel, has been in operation for less than a year. Its students represented Israel in this UN video “Voices of a New Generation,” which took children from all around the world speaking about what are the world’s problems and what can we do to shift the world’s development in a positive direction.

Here are what the children said in the video:

“Wars… what are wars all about?
About money, respect, control.
Why is that?
What is the essence of this?
Why can’t we just get along?
That’s how we are.
It’s our nature. It’s stronger than us. It controls us.
Thousands of years we tried to live in peace, but we just could not.
We were like that, but we discovered the secret.
We found the solution for peace.
We need to see the person next to me, a little, at least a little, better than me.
It is not simple. Not at all.
But it’s the only solution.
There is no other solution.
Just to see the other as a person.”

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Heal The World

(If video is not visible, then watch it here)

Why are people’s efforts to heal the world unsuccessful? The many ways people try to fix nature and human relations are unsuccessful because of a certain missing element in all these efforts.

Dr. Michael Laitman challenges commonly visualized ways to heal the world with one based on revealing this missing element.

This video is based on the daily Kabbalah lesson of 23 August, 2009. Find it in the Kabbalah Media Archive.


From Egoism to Altruism – the Key to Social Change

Social Change – A Rare Approach

A Kabbalah-Inspired Squidoo Lens

Cells in organisms unite by reciprocal giving for the sake of sustaining the whole body. Each cell in the body receives what it needs for its sustenance, and spends the rest of its energy tending to the rest of the body. At every level of Nature, the individual works to benefit the whole of which it is part, and in that finds its wholeness. Without altruistic activities, a body cannot persist. In fact, life itself cannot persist.

Humanity, too, is actually one whole body. In truth, we have always been individual parts of a single system. The problem is, we human beings are still unaware of it. Nature reveals it in the way that two forces act in sync: there is a connecting force that connects us all as one, and a rejecting force that pushes us away from one another. Thus, when these two forces begin to manifest their orientations more acutely, we begin to discover how dependent we are, and at the same time, we revolt against this dependency because of our growing egos. Read the Full Squidoo Lens on Social Change >>>

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VIDEO: Unity in Your Language


The Food Crisis: How Bad Will It Get? – Predictions, Reasons and Solutions for the World Food Crisis in Today’s Daily Lesson with Michael Laitman

From Today’s Daily Lesson:

Download this Lesson: wmv video | mp3 audio [57:39]

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