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July 17, 2024

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How to Attain the Names of the Creator

How to Attain the Names of the Creator

By correcting one’s inherently egoistic qualities to bestowing ones with the help of the Screen, one attains more and more names of the Creator, becomes capable of seeing reality in an increasingly perfect way, gradually revealing its source.


Receiving the Anti-Egoistic Filter through the Right Request

The Screen is the force of resistance against egoistic desires. If you acquire this force, you are in perfect shape, headed straight for the Creator. Here I must add that you cannot build the screen by yourself. Rather, it must be obtained by persistently demanding it of the Creator, which is the Upper Degree. The Upper Degree in the spiritual world is the degree directly above your current degree. This degree is the Creator for you.

At each subsequent degree, you will know the Creator better, meaning you will be revealing more and more of His names until you reach the complete revelation of the Maker.

So, when do you acquire a screen? When the Upper Degree feels that you’re prepared to do anything to get it. The plea must come from the bottom of the heart: “Give me strength to bestow like You… Help me correct myself, I beg You.” If your plea is sincere, you will receive the screen


Gradual Self-Correction in the Creator’s Clinic

That is, you must “correct” the egoistic desire with the intention to bestow. Every day, it is as if you place your “I” in the Creator’s “clinic” and ask for the cure—the screen that will enable you to open your eyes and see the true picture of reality. In this clinic, you are given additional egoistic desires with which you must begin to work and feel, to check your attitude toward them, realize how powerful they are, and only then to ask for the screen—the force that can protect you from falling from this degree.

The goal is clear—to correct your ego, which is supplied to you in portions as you ascend upward and mature. Thus, you gradually move from degree to degree. Once you’ve dealt with one portion of egoism, you are given an opportunity to ascend, to draw closer to the next batch of egoistic desires. And then you begin to work with them, correcting your intention from egoistic to altruistic, so you can say, “I receive and in so doing I am giving You delight.” Every degree contains its own work, its own screen, a new name of the Creator.

The Secrets of the Eternal Book“How to Attain the Names of the Creator” is based on the book, The Secrets of the Eternal Book: The Meaning of the Stories of the Pentateuch by Semion Vinokur.

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