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July 17, 2024

Glossary – Lech Lecha (Go Forth) Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion

Go Forth

Go forth from your desire, regardless of how fine it may seem to you. You must come to a new state, a new degree. Each time, “Go forth” indicates that you will constantly be on the way, going upward.


Canaan is the land of Israel when it is still not fully corrected.


Hunger means I cannot satisfy my will to receive, if I am as an Egyptian, or that I cannot satisfy my desire to bestow, if I am as a Jew, seeking unification with the Creator.


There are several names that we use to refer to the will to receive. Among them are “sister,” “wife,” and “servant.” The word, “Sister,” refers to the will to receive you can use with filling of Hochma (wisdom), as it is written, “Say unto wisdom, ‘You are my sister’” (Proverbs, 7:4).

Maidservant and Woman

A maidservant is when a person uses the desire to bestow in order to bestow. A woman is when a person fills her with receiving in order to bestow, from which it is already possible to bear children.

Fertility, Birth

The two above words refer to when you beget your next degree, your next state.


A covenant is when I acquire the willpower, understanding, sensation, and support, when I am assisted in shifting from state to state without failing. If there is love between us today, we make a covenant to sustain it tomorrow, as well. The covenant helps us when we really want it to happen tomorrow, as well. The covenant is a force in Nature that helps us maintain our state.

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