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July 17, 2024

Glossary – Toldot (These Are the Generations) Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion


Barrenness is inability to give birth to the next degree. It is possible to give birth only through the right combination between the ego and the intention to bestow upon others.


Pregnancy is a state where I am ready to give birth to the next degree. It includes nine months of conception, as well as other things, which comprise into nine Sefirot of Ohr Yashar (Direct Light) and Malchut, where in the tenth we deliver.


Birth is admission into a new degree, new bestowal. It is the ability to connect with everyone on a new level. Accordingly, we receive the revelation of Godliness on the next level.

The Right of the Blessing

Having the right means being cleansed. The more I can work with my ego in order to bestow, the more cleansed I am. My ego may be thicker, but I overcome it and become purer. Thus, one develops opposite the other.

Selling the Birthright

Knowing that my ego is unfit to be used spares me great pains. It will also bring me into willingness to sacrifice it in order to work under the intention to bestow.

In other words, the evil inclination also becomes the good inclination. The difference between them is only in the question, for whom I am working, in whose favor? Is it in my own favor, or in favor of others? It is a psychological problem. If I am working in favor of others, I can succeed only through the influence of the environment, through special education. Then, I suddenly discover that everything has opened up before me; the channels of bounty have opened and the world fills with abundance.

Lentil Stew

The filling by the upper light means to be filled with the intention to bestow. Esau, who cannot reach that, is willing to bow down, to be small, in order to receive fulfillment from Jacob. He has no choice because he is hungry. In other words, the vessels of reception are all empty; there is no way to receive sustenance in them.

Rehovot (wide/broad)

“For now the Lord has made room for us” (Genesis, 26:22). You receive light of Hochma dressed in light of Hassadim without any limitations. This is called “light if Hassadim in illumination of Hochma.” This is how we receive it until the end of correction. Afterward the light of Hochma is received in full because we awaken the stony heart.

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