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July 16, 2024

Archive for December 1, 2013

Winners of the ‘Share Your Experiences with Kabbalah’ Contest

Winners of the 'Share Your Experience with Kabbalah' Contest

We’re happy to announce the 3 winning entries of the $50 gift voucher at KabbalahBooks.info in the ‘Share Your Experiences with Kabbalah’ contest!

The winners were chosen at random among a pool of very inspiring entries we received. One prize winner’s entry by Daniela Mitrovic has already been published here.

Here are the 2 other prize winning entries:

Eric and Alex Soto – Schiller Park, IL

A 41 yr old father and his 13 yr old sons’ journey together… ERIC (Father): “Why am I here and why do I feel like I’m searching for something?” This question has haunted me throughout high school and my marriage. I looked into religion, new age, family, my career, and many books for this answer with no success…until I stumbled on a video from the Kabbalah Revealed series with Anthony Kosinec on a spiritual website that had nothing to do with Kabbalah! Once I finished the series I found the hunger inside me for answers explode with delight! The Bnei Baruch website offered to continue my search for more with a complete library of books and videos online that would answer questions I didn’t even know I was yearning to know. This led me to sign up for free courses in authentic Kabbalah…which in turn led me to search for people to share my feelings with, both within a physical and virtual group. Now less than one year later I am sharing the love I have gained from Kabbalah with my family, who has supported my search, and have the honor to share my studies with my middle son, Alex, who is just beginning his studies this winter on the EC website after attending the last Congress of North America in Nov 2013 with me. If I were to give someone just one reason for ‘Why’ to take advantage of all the Bnei Baruch website has to offer (especially the online courses), it would be… “ANSWERS”!

ALEX (Son, age 13): Just like my father, I too felt a need for answers to questions like “What is the meaning of my life?” I felt this nagging feeling of confusion that I knew I needed to solve. Then after aimlessly roaming on the internet in hopes of figuring life out, I came across some of my father’s PDF books on his E-Reader about Kabbalah. Even though my father never pushed his ideas onto me, I was still curious to read some of his books, and from the moment I started reading, I knew this was something that made the most sense about why I am here and the meaning of my life. After talking more with my dad, I decided to accompany him to his physical group and shortly after, to the North American Congress. My experience with the Congress helped me connect on a personal level with many of the EC instructors and staff, which encouraged my choice to join the Fundamentals class this Dec 4th an easy one. Together we are walking the path of authentic Kabbalah, each at his own level, but together united with a newfound love that surpasses any race, language, sex or age. We both ask you NOT to believe our testimonials alone, but to SEE for yourself what authentic Kabbalah is all about and let your heart decide! – Eric & Alex Soto (father & son)

Cindy Hatok – Pittsburgh, PA

I was brought to Kabbalah through a class, it was a subtle introduction but it interested me because I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life. My only child had died, my boss at work was hassling me, I was becoming more depressed and wound up hospitalized for my depression. I knew that I had to change something, despite all the problems I had experienced I was here for some reason, but what was that reason? This was a question I had asked myself my whole life. I’d studied other religions, but never found a satisfying answer. I was lost. Then I began taking the courses on the Education Center. None of it was the scary stuff I had heard about, no weird number stuff, no red strings or anything like that. There was a real structure and explanation for why I am here. I’ve found a home, a place where others have felt the same feelings as I do, who accept me and have the same goal as I do. It’s been the best thing for me. Everyone around me has noticed the changes in me.


The entries we received were incredibly inspiring and moving, and we will publish many more of them in future Kabbalah Blog posts. You can subscribe to future Kabbalah Blog posts here if you haven’t already, to make sure you don’t miss out on these inspiring stories of us spiritual seekers finding what we had been looking for – a path to attain spirituality.

Also, if you haven’t already, sign up to the Kabbalah Fundamentals course starting this coming Wednesday, December 4, and we’ll look forward to seeing you in our new course with 1,000s of seekers joining from all around the world!


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