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July 14, 2024

Archive for March 5, 2015

Egoism Obstructs Your Spiritual Development. Here’s How to Beat It!

Egoism Obstructs Your Spiritual Development_Here’s How to Beat It

Kabbalah Helps a Person Understand Himself

Just as we are incapable of correctly assessing our own true condition, neither can we discern whether we are in a stage of spiritual ascent or descent. For although we may feel we are in a spiritual downturn, in fact it might be the Will of the Creator, showing us our true state. This demonstrates that without self-indulgence, we are incapable of functioning and are immediately given to despair. Even depression and anger may result because our bodies are not receiving enough pleasure from such an existence.

But, in fact, this lack represents a spiritual ascent, for at that moment we are closer to the truth than before, when we were happy in this world. It is said that “one who increases knowledge also increases sorrow.” Conversely, a feeling that one is experiencing spiritual ascent may simply be a misinterpreted state of self-indulgence and complacency.

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The Holiday of Purim in Our Times

The Holiday of Purim in Our Times

“If we unite, then there is no force in the world that can go against us, no force in the world.”
[Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, Purim Holiday: No Force In The World Can Stand Up To Our Unity]


The Holiday of Purim Revealed in Our Times

All of the events described in the history of Purim are hints at the corrections we have to go through. It’s important to translate these corrections from the poetic, colorful language of legend to the language of qualitative inner changes in order to understand that it is talking only about how to strengthen the connection between us.

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