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May 21, 2024

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Here’s a New Way of Looking at Changing Your Life

Here’s a New Way of Looking at Changing Your Life

Bringing a New Meaning to “Life-Changer”

There is no such thing in existence as a rigidly defined reality, because all of reality depends on us. This is the first lesson we have to learn. The picture you perceive, see and live in is simply a movie that is being played to you, but you cannot get up and leave.

You are used to it; you’ve lived in it since you were born and you sense it as your life, as if it’s real.

However, one day you find that you have become terribly bored with this movie because your desires have evolved or the suffering that is being shown to you has become unbearable and you crave to rise above it and see something else, some other movie. You long to change the movie.

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Nature Is Not Kidding – Laitman Unplugged

How can the internal message of the wisdom of Kabbalah come out to the world? Dr. Michael Laitman discusses education through mass media as a solution to society’s problems with Vladek Zankovsky.


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