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July 21, 2024

How Did We Reach the Present Situation and How Does Unity Bring a Solution to Any Problem?

How Did We Reach the Present Situation and How Is Unity the Solution to Any Problem?

Last week, students and groups of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute partook in an exercise of writing a one-page article describing “How Did We Reach the Present Situation and How Does Unity Bring a Solution to Any Problem?” according to guidelines given by Dr. Michael Laitman in the Daily Kabbalah Lesson of Sunday, June 8:

Below is the article submitted by the Yashar Kel Virtual Group…

Our World in Crisis

As one human family we face many serious threats to our stable and bright future. Crises can be found in almost every area of life. We worry about the instability of the financial markets and rising unemployment. Changes in global weather patterns are resulting in severe drought and storms. We struggle increasingly with rising rates of the disintegration of the family, and depression and despair has become a global health crisis. Violence plagues communities and countries. Both world leaders and experts are helpless in the face of the skyrocketing crises coming at us from every area of life. As individuals, we worry about the quality of the future we will leave to our children.


The Root of the Problem

The history of mankind is defined by the development of the ego. The desire to provide for ourselves and our children has pitted each of us against the others as we compete for limited resources. We have become accustomed to viewing the world through a lens of egoism to ensure the survival of ourselves and our loved ones. We educate our children to adopt this same self-focused and competitive attitude. However, this egoistic approach to life is becoming unsustainable in the new era of globalization and interdependence. Now, as more than seven billion people share the planet, we must face the reality that the attitude of narrow self-interest underlies all the problems we face. In our reality of tight interconnection, the use of force and domination cannot succeed in the end. The stresses between the parts of the system are now increasing exponentially. It is a law of the behavior of interconnected systems that confrontation between parts only provokes an equally strong reaction somewhere else within the system. The only viable solution to our problems is to change the way we relate to each other and to the world.


The Force That Sustains Nature

Although the enormity of the problems seem overwhelming, there is one solution that will heal them all. It is the force that sustains all of nature, the force of bestowal. Another way to describe bestowal is to call it connection with the intention to benefit others. This force of benevolent connection is similar to other forces that are more easily observed by us, like gravity, electricity, and magnetism. It is an actual force that operates according to predictable laws. When we properly align ourselves with this force of benevolent connection, tremendous powers are available to transform all types of problems for good. It’s the law. It simply happens that way. There have been those who discovered and studied this law of bestowal for thousands of years and have described and detailed its working. These scientists of the law of bestowal are called kabbalists, and a long string of kabbalists have preserved and described the workings of the force of bestowal throughout the ages to this day. Indeed, an authentic kabbalist understands how to tap into the force of bestowal, the most powerful force in nature, and direct it for good. Kabbalah has made a scientific study of this force of bestowal, or law of love. If this sounds unbelievable, consider some evidence of the power contained within connection.


Wisdom of the Crowd

The force of bestowal is revealed to our awareness when people unite. A hint of its power can be seen in such phenomena as what is called, “the wisdom of the crowd.” It works something like this: ten people can connect around a particular problem, each of the ten contributing an incorrect solution. As all ten people, none of whom have the correct answer, strive to discover the point of consensus and connection between them something surprising happens. A higher wisdom is revealed and a correct solution emerges. This principle has been studied scientifically and the phenomenon of the wisdom of the crowd is a well-established fact. In actuality, when people unite in benevolent connection, they align themselves with the force of bestowal that sustains nature and miraculous results occur.


Practical Application

While it takes an authentic kabbalist to understand the intricacies of the operation of this force of nature, each of us can easily begin to use it in our lives. Try it and see how pleasantly startling the results are. Simply put, the force of nature is the implementation of what is known popularly as The Golden Rule: love your fellow as yourself, and don’t do to another what is hated by you. When we are able to apply this attitude to every detail of our lives, we are in alignment with the most powerful force in nature and miracles happen. In order to be able to maintain this altruistic view of reality we need reeducation and practice. As we connect with others with the purpose of learning how to tap into the force of bestowal under the guidance of a proper teacher, our entire view of reality transforms. Instead of seeing reality as “me against the world,” we begin to see instead, “me for the world, and the world for me!” Our lives begin to improve exponentially. A new environment begins to be created. We are able to take our places in the intricate system of nature in its ideal state.

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